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Hello ! Superfoods are super-fascinating and I know you are going to love learning about them. They are also super good for you so if you want to feel and look like Supergirl or Superman, make sure you start including superfoods in your diet.

Don’t delay – start today! 

My Superfoods

For a very long time felt like something was missing from my diet. I was eating healthily, avoiding too much sugar, getting plenty of fruit and vegetables, and doing all those other important healthy eating things that I tell you guys to do. And yet, I felt a bit, well, a bit “bleh.”

I wasn’t ill exactly, not even a little bit, but I felt that I ought to feel better than I did. It’s very hard to describe. I suppose it’s a bit like having a mild pain in your neck for months or even years and then, one day, waking up and the pain is gone. You’d had it so long that the pain felt normal and it was only when it went you felt different. Better. Healthier!

Why I've Got Superfoods in my DietWell I went from feeling “bleh” to brilliant when I made a conscious effort to eat more superfoods and because they helped me so much, I decided I really ought to share these awesome foods with the readers of Days to Fitness. I’ve written more about this topic in my article Why I’ve Got Superfoods in My Diet.

Before I tried superfoods, I was skeptical – I’m already eating healthily and exercising so how can a few different foods make me feel any better? Well, the proof is in the pudding or so they say and within a few short weeks of adding superfoods to my diet, I felt like a whole, new and improved Sarah!

So, welcome to my Superfoods Super Guide and I hope you benefit from superfoods as much as I have.

Best Superfoods 

10 superfoods good for youSo what are the best superfoods? That’s a good question but one that’s really hard to answer in just a few hundred words. Why? Because, every week, more and more superfoods are discovered.

Initially, superfoods were things like berries, dark leafy green vegetables, and other quite common but under-consumed natural foods. But, as interest and research into superfoods increased, so too have the number and variety of superfoods available.

Because different superfoods do different things in your body, the best superfood for you depends on what you want to improve. For example, if you want a superfood that makes your joints feel better, fish oils are probably what you need. However, if you need a superfood that helps you deal better with stress, dark chocolate has been shown to be effective.

With all this in mind, I have written an article titled 10 Superfoods Good for You in which I list ten of the best superfoods around and explain how they can be beneficial to you. They’re my favorites and I’m sure when you try then they’ll become your favorites too!

Superfood Powder

superfood powder my guideWhile things like seaweed, acai berries, chia seeds, raw honey, and bee pollen are all classed as superfoods, unless you are going to give up “real” food, at some point you will have to make a decision and choose a handful of superfoods to add to your diet – you simply cannot eat all of them!

Some superfoods are expensive too and eating all the ones you want might mean you have no money left for groceries.

One very effective way around this problem is to use a superfood powder. This is a type of supplement that contains dozens of different superfoods all condensed into one easy to take powder that you can mix with water or juice or add to a smoothie.

There are several different products available, which I discuss in my article Superfood Powder Guide but it’s safe to say that if you don’t know which superfoods to eat, can’t find the ones you want, or want to include as many superfoods in your diet as you can, a superfood powder could be exactly what you need. Check out the Superfood Powder Guide for more information, or my recommendations for “The Best Superfood Powder”.

My favorite Superfood Powder

best superfood powder article coverI compare three of the best superfood powders and rate them using several different criteria so you can find out which one will be right for you.

I don’t just read other peoples’ reviews and copy what they say; I buy and test these products myself. I also read the reviews on to see what other people are saying. After all that, and it’s a long process, I pass the information on to the readers of Days to Fitness so that you can make the right choice for you.

Don’t worry – I haven’t just selected the most expensive superfood powder but considered budget as well as quality. At the end of the article, you’ll read which ones are bets and why so you can find which product best suits your needs. My recommendations for The Best Superfood Powder.

Superfood Smoothies 

superfood smoothies page coverOne of my favorite ways to get more superfoods into my diet is to add them to smoothies or make specific superfood smoothies. As you know if you read my other posts, I LOVE smoothies and use them a lot in my diet. I’ve written lots and lots of articles all about smoothies, and recently published “Why Superfood Smoothies ?“.

Smoothies make it easy for me to get a good breakfast even when I’m in a hurry, I use them as meal replacements to help me control my weight, and I also recommend them to my family and friends so they can eat more fruits and vegetables even if they do not like the taste – kids love smoothies too.

You can also make a smoothie even more healthy by adding superfoods. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – I’ve written an article called “Superfood Smoothies”that has got my favorite superfood recipes so you can make your own healthy, tasty, refreshing super-smoothie in just a few seconds.

Superfoods for Weight Loss 

superfoods and weight loss article coverMany of you reading this right now are probably on a diet or are thinking about going on a diet to lose weight. You might need to lose a little or a lot of weight but many people go on a diet at some point in their lives.

Diets can be hard – especially if you go really strict. And even then, some people fail to lose weight or regain it soon after. I’ve experienced this myself and it’s REALLY frustrating!

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that superfoods have been shown to help weight loss. That diet you’ve been following but not losing weight on may well start working if you add superfoods into your eating plan.

Why? Because superfoods boost your health and the healthier you are, the more fat you can burn and the faster and easier you’ll lose weight. For many dieters, superfoods are the missing weight loss ingredient.

I’ve written an entire article all about this awesome subject called Superfoods and Weight Loss so make sure you check it out.

Why Are Superfoods So Popular? 

why superfoods are so popular article coverIf you go back a few years and take a look at what was popular in nutrition, superfoods didn’t even exist. Most of us were eating low fat foods like rice cakes, using lots of artificial sweeteners, eating margarine and not butter, and probably drinking orange juice by the bucket; how things have changed!

As we learn more and more about nutrition, what used to be popular disappears and is replaced by new, exciting ways to make your diet healthier and superfoods are the most recent nutrition trend.

The media LOVES superfoods and hardly a week goes by without them reporting that another superfood has been discovered. And because we all care about our health, we love to hear about these new superfoods.

What makes superfoods so popular is the fact that they can boost your health without the need to go to the doctor for a prescription; they are just foods – albeit something more exotic than the standard fruit and vegetables we’re used to.

They’ve been studied and researched and shown to work and that’s why we consumers love them. There are other reasons why superfoods are growing in popularity and I’ve written about those reasons in my article “Why Superfoods Are So Popular so make sure you read it.

5 Superfoods Kids Will Love

5 superfoods your kids will love article coverA lot of nutrition advice is aimed at adults rather than kids and that’s a shame. If you read my article “Why Nutrition is Important for Kids” you’ll know I am very passionate about getting kids to eat better and be healthier. After all, an unhealthy and overweight kid will soon be an unhealthy and overweight adult. In contrast, healthy kids who are the right weight for their age and height are much less likely to become overweight as they get older.

With that subject in mind, I’ve written an article called “5 Superfoods kids will loveso you can share the superfood message with your family too. These five foods taste so great your kids won’t even know they are eating healthy foods!

We know kids like unhealthy foods like ice cream, candy, cookies, and soda but these foods are really not good for them except as occasional treats. Superfoods, however, are super-healthy and they can eat them anytime. I’m sure that once your children try a few of these kid-friendly superfoods, they’ll soon be asking for more!

5 Meal Recipes Using Superfoods 

superfood recipes coverSo far, I’ve told you about superfoods in smoothies and also superfood powder supplements but, did you know, you can easily add many superfoods to your regular meals and some superfoods are available right in your grocery store?

A lot of people think that superfoods are all exotic or expensive but that’s not always the case. Some superfoods are just regular foods that many of us don’t eat enough of.

For example, avocado and ginger – two pretty common foods are also very potent superfoods. Cool, no?!

To help make it even easier for you to include plenty of superfoods in your diet, I’ve written and article containing Five Meal Recipes Using Superfoods. I love them all and I’m pretty sure you are going to love them too.

I know some people are unsure how and when to eat superfoods and, to be honest, I was to when I first started looking into this fascinating subject. That’s why I wrote my short article, How to Include Superfoods in your Diet to try and make the whole process easier. With my recipes and the suggestions in this article, I’m sure you’ll find lots of opportunities for getting more superfood each and every day.

Are Superfoods Just Hype? 

are superfoods just hype article coverA lot of information about nutrition is often just hype and designed to get you to buy things you don’t need. Many people think that superfoods fall into that same hype category and, I must admit, I was skeptical too.

But, if you delve a little deeper and do some research, you’ll quickly discover that superfoods live up to the hype and really do deliver health-boosting results.

Superfoods are loaded with densely-packed nutrition and contain things that are often missing from the modern diet. They contain the things your body needs but doesn’t always get enough of. That’s what makes them super.

Most superfoods have been studied and researched and shown to work – not by food manufacturers and marketers but by scientists and doctors.

I’ve got a lot more to say on this subject in my article “Are Superfoods Just Hypebut for now, I’ll leave you with this thought; some superfoods are used specifically to fight serious diseases such as cancer. Does that sound like just hype to you?

Who Are Superfoods Good For? 

who are superfoods good forYou might be thinking “I don’t need superfoods, I’m already healthy and fit” and you might be right but did you know many superfoods have a preventative action? In other words, you might not need them now but taking them may avoid health problems in the future.

In my article “Who Are Superfoods Good For” I lift the lid on some of the more unusual benefits of superfoods and who they are going to benefit. For example, some superfoods are ideal for athletes while others are great for older people. Some are better for men while others are more beneficial for women.

All superfoods will do you good but there is no denying that some may be better than others depending on your gender, age, and personal circumstances. Find out more by checking out my article.

What Are the Best Times to Take Superfoods? 

what are the best times to take superfoods article coverTiming is everything when it comes to nutrition – there is a best time to eat protein and a best time to eat carbs. Your body’s need for nutrients vary throughout the day and so you need to give it what it wants, when it needs it.

Superfoods are no different. While you could consume them at whatever time fits your schedule and enjoy some benefits, some superfoods are best taken at more specific times if you want to get the best possible results.

In my article “What Are the Best Times to Take Superfoods?” I discuss the best times to take certain superfoods so that you can get the greatest results from them.

Don’t worry – if you can’t take your superfoods at specific times, you’ll still get lots of benefits from them. However, timing your intake around things like sleep, exercise, work, and stress might offer a few additional advantages. Read the article and see!

Superfoods with Super Heroes

Superfoods really do live up to their name and are nutritionally super foods. They are loaded with important nutrients that will do your body nothing but good. Different superfoods have different properties which is why it’s important to get a wide variety of superfoods in your diet. It’s only by consuming a broad spectrum of superfoods that you’ll enjoy all the benefits they have to offer. To help you make more sense of superfoods, I’ve written several different articles about each of the main types.

7 probiotic superfoods article coverSome superfoods have a strong probiotic benefit and can help restore the healthy bacteria that lives in your digestive system. These bacteria are important for good intestinal health and the health and function of your immune system. Examples of probiotic superfoods include natural yogurt, pickles, and kefir. You’ll find details of the best 7 Probiotic Superfoods in this article.

5 antioxidant superfoods article coverOther superfoods are powerful antioxidants and help fight the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that cause aging, age-related eyesight deterioration and many serious diseases such as cancer. Antioxidant superfoods defuse free radicals so you can relax and be healthy. You can discover 5 Antioxidant Superfoods here.

5 superfoods to boost your energy article coverSuperfoods can also boost your energy levels – good news if you often find yourself feeling tired. Many people turn to caffeine and sugar when they need an energy boost but that isn’t the best way to cure tiredness. In contrast, energy-boosting superfoods can give you a lift while being good for your health too. Learn about 5 Superfoods to Boost your Energy in this article.

5 superfoods to boost your immunityIf those benefits weren’t impressive enough, some superfoods can make you healthier by boosting your immunity to common diseases and illnesses. In my article 5 Superfoods to Boost Immunity, you’ll learn about some of the best superfoods for keeping you feeling healthy and fighting disease.

5 fiber superfoods by days to fitnessFinally, some superfoods can help keep your digestive system healthy while making weight loss easier. How? Fiber! High fiber superfoods are extremely useful because most people do not eat enough fiber. Learn which superfoods are the best for fiber in my article 5 Fiber Superfoods.

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