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It seems that every year people make resolutions to lose weight, start a workout program, and get healthy. Then as time goes by, every Monday brings about a new attempt at staying on a diet. Signing up for a gym usually yields a workout or two before you are left with a monthly payment and no more in shape than the day you signed up. As you can see, enthusiasm can only take you so far when you are trying to achieve any goals, big or small. What happens to vowing to get in shape and finally looking good this summer in your bathing suit?

The reasons for not doing it begin to outweigh the reasons for doing it. You begin talking yourself out of getting up early and hitting the gym. Instead of taking a quick 20 minute walk at lunch time you succumb to peer pressure and join the gang for pizza. And instead of packing yourself a clean and healthy lunch sack with great snacks and a nutritious meal, you have to find change in your purse to get to the vending machine for a candy bar because you are ravenous.

So how do you find a way to achieve these lofty goals you set for yourself? Enthusiasm is a great start but it is the most effort you can make without actually doing anything. Everyone hears your goals and admires you for what you are setting off to achieve, but you haven’t done one thing towards reaching even one goal yet. Don’t fret; there are ways to get there…continue, read more.

21 Day Fix Motivation

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If you have the willpower and determination to complete one ½ hour workout per day for fifteen days…and then do two workouts per day on the 3 week,of the program, it’s guaranteed that you will get good results. Get 21 Day Fix Motivated Here.

  • Do you have what it takes ?
  • Motivation for your 21 Day Fix Eating Plan
  • Motivation for your 21 Day Fix Workouts

Best Motivational Books

fitness confidential bookIf you want to get fit, the best way to begin is to hone your inner motivation to a fine point. When you choose the right motivation books for fitness, you’ll be able to get in the perfect mindset for success. Motivation books for fitness are typically written by fitness gurus or pro athletes and they often include amazing tips on creating a fitness plan, sticking to the plan and tracking results. These types of books may also include other relevant data, such as diet advice, exercise instructions and advice about supplementation. Now, let’s talk in more depth about these books and what they have to offer… My Top 5 recommended books

Workout Motivation

workout motivation quoteIn order to get a lean and fit body you must eat right and participate in some form of fitness program. Besides wanting to lose weight or get in shape, you need a good program to keep your hearth healthy, clear your lungs, provide the proper circulation throughout your body, and help you stay limber and ageless.

You know how much better you feel after a brisk walk or a yoga class with a friend. But how do you get yourself from getting cozy on that couch to feeling fit and wonderful through a regular fitness routine? Let’s face it, we can be our most persuasive when it comes time to convince ourselves to get up and move a little. I’ll start tomorrow, my favorite show is coming on, my knee has been bothering me…sound familiar? Continue here.

Diet Motivation

fitness diet quoteEveryone has the best of intentions when beginning a new weight loss program. It usually starts on a Monday, or two months before a wedding, or after a visit to the doctor’s office for your annual physical. You make a promise to yourself that this time it will be different. You will eat right, create a fitness workout that will help you drop some pounds, and you will not stop until you reach your goal. Yes, we have all been there and we have done well for at least a couple of days. But then there are those commercials, you know, the ones with all the food in them. And then there is always some kind of an event every week – a birthday at the office that requires a cake from the bakery, your friends have invited you to come over for dinner Friday night, or a new (insert ethnic food choice here) restaurant has just opened up and everyone is going to try it out after work. Learn more, continue …

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  1. I’m excited to start this lifestyle change. I am a single mother of three, ages 15, 11 and 9. I myself am a full-time student. Going through my divorce I first lost weight because I couldn’t manage to eat. Now three years later I have gained that weight plus some back. I only want to feel and look healthy for myself. Without sounding selfish I know that I can only be the best mom and me that I can be if I am happy and doing positive things for me. Plus, having children and having them learn how to make delicious, healthy meals is a wonderful priceless gift that I as their mother can do for them.

    • Hi Maritza. Thanks for your comment. I’m happy feel a lot of motivation on your words to achieve your goals. On our journeys through life, a positive view is, in my opinion, the best way to approach every challenge. I wish you all the luck, and I’m sure that you’ll achieve your goal.

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