5 Superfoods to Boost Your Energy

Energy – it’s the one thing that most people want more of! Late nights followed by early mornings combined with busy jobs, family commitments and then trying to add exercise into your schedule can leave you exhausted.

Some people try and keep themselves charged with coffee or high-sugar snacks but neither of those strategies last for long and often leave you feeling more tired than before.

Of course, getting adequate sleep and eating healthily are the answer to this energy crisis but there are some energy-boosting superfoods that can also help.

1. Maca 

Maca is a Peruvian plant that is normally dried and then consumed in powder form. Maca is an adaptogen which means it helps your body deal with stress more effectively – lack of energy being a major source of stress.

Maca contains no caffeine and yet gives you an energy buzz; it’s all the vitamins and minerals it contains. Vitamins and minerals are nature’s sparkplugs and your body will run far more efficiently if it has an abundant supply. Add maca to your morning smoothie to start your day with lots of energy. Learn more on my recent article “What is Maca ?

2. Oats 

If you have the time to make them in the morning, oats are arguably the perfect way to start your day. Warming and filling, oats contain a lot of slow-releasing carbohydrates that will provide energy all morning long. Sweeten with raw honey for more superfood energy. Oats are also high in fiber which won’t give you more energy but will help maintain digestive health. Low in fat, oats are a great alternative to sugary cereals that give instant energy but then leave you feeling flat an hour or so later. The Real oatmeal recipe.

3. Goji berries

Bright, naturally sweet goji berries can help improve blood flow which will give you energy and also help clear your mind so you can concentrate better. Used for 5,000 years in Chinese medicine, goji berries are also high in antioxidants which can help counter the fatiguing effects of free radicals. You can get goji berries from your local health food store where you’ll find them dried, frozen, in powder form, and even in ready-made drinks.

4. Almonds 

Almonds are an awesome energizing food. Loaded with protein, they provide a slow and steady release of energy to help keep you going for hours and hours. Just a small handful of almonds will fuel several hours of activity without spiking your blood glucose levels. If you want to enjoy the power of almonds but don’t want to eat the nuts themselves, add some natural almond butter to your morning smoothie. Stick to raw almonds and avoid the dry roasted, salted kind as they are much lower in superfood nutrients. Muesli Homemade Protein Bars Recipe.

5. Avocado  

Avocados are an unusual fruit; they aren’t sweet or juicy and they contain more fat than sugar. However, they are arguably one of the healthiest fruits around. The fat in avocados is predominately monounsaturated fat which is a ready source of non-carb energy. As well as being a high energy food, avocados are very good for your hair, skin, and may even increase your concentration levels. Mash a ripe avocado with a little lemon juice and a few chili flakes and eat with carrot sticks for an energy boosting snack that’s good for your brain too. Superfood Avocado Recipe.


If lack of energy is getting you down, include some of these superfoods in your diet, “Why I’ve Got Superfoods in my Diet“. I like to include at least one or two of them in my morning smoothies but I also have them for snacks during the day if I feel like I need a fast-acting energy boost. Remember though, a good nights’ sleep is just as important!

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