How to Include Superfoods in Your Diet

Superfoods are plant-based foods so high in nutrients that they are scientifically proven to be good for your health. No, scratch that, they are proven to be SUPER for you!

There are lots of different superfoods and more are emerging each month – here is a list of my current ten favorite superfoods – but a lot of people ask me what is the best way to include these nutritional marvels in their diet? For example, what’s the best way to eat chia seeds?

It’s all well and good buying superfoods but if all you ever do is store them in your kitchen cabinets, they aren’t going to do you any good at all! You actually have to take them and take them regularly if you are going to enjoy their many benefits.

It all starts with a plan…

As I have mentioned in previous articles, if you want to eat healthily, you should always start with a plan. When it comes to superfoods, it is not a good idea to buy lots and lots of different ones and end up not really using any of them. There are literally dozens of superfoods and if you try and eat them all you’ll have no time left for real food!

Instead, I recommend you do a little reading and research and choose five or so superfoods that are right for you, here are my “10 Superfoods Good for You”. Each superfood offers specific benefits so choose the ones you know will do you the most good.

Once you have your list of five, start thinking about how you can slot them seamlessly into your diet. If you find that using your superfood is more trouble than it’s worth, you won’t eat it so make sure whatever you choose is easy and convenient for you. And make sure you actually like the taste too! Once you have done that, you are good to go.

Here are my favorite Sarah-approved strategies for including superfoods in your diet. These are the things I do to make sure I eat my superfoods each and every day.

1. Breakfast

Why not include some great-tasting superfoods in your breakfast? If you are like me and enjoy a smoothie first thing in the morning, toss in some raw honey and bee pollen or add some spirulina or kefir to make your already healthy breakfast even healthier! Try my “Açai Berry Antioxidant Breakfast Blast” recipe.

2. Snacks

Many superfoods make for ideal snacks. You could nibble on cocoa nibs for example or mash an avocado down with a little garlic and lemon juice to make homemade guacamole. How about picking at a half-cup of acai or blueberries? Delicious and super-healthy! Try my “Sugar Free Snack – Turkey & Avocado Toasts” recipe.

3. Lunch and dinner

Many superfoods can easily be added to many main meals. For example, you could cook with coconut oil, sprinkle flaxseeds and chia on your salad, add pomegranate or acai berries to Greek yogurt, or make a curry with plenty of fresh ginger and garlic. With a little thought and the right choices, you should have no problem including a couple of superfoods in most of your lunches and dinners.

4. As a supplement 

Some superfoods are not what you might think of as food at all. For example, spirulina which is a powdered form of algae or bee pollen. Other than putting them in smoothies, you might find it hard to think of ways to add these superfoods to your diet. Try my “Spirulina Green Smoothie” recipe here.

With this type of superfood, I tend to just take them as if they were a supplement. I get up in the morning and simply take a teaspoon (or whatever the recommended amount is) and swallow them down like medicine with a glass of water. This is very easy, quick, and convenient. Make this your morning habit.


Superfoods are awesome – they are so good for you! Make sure you take them regularly by including them in your diet. Not just occasionally but every single day!

10 superfoods good for you

My favorite 10 Superfoods

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