What are the Best Times to Take Superfoods ? 

If you haven’t added superfoods to your diet, you are missing out on something that could be truly amazing! Until I put more superfoods in my diet, I felt tired, was often ill, and just didn’t look or feel as good as I thought I could. But a few months of superfoods and it’s a whole new Sarah! I’ve got lots of energy, haven’t caught so much as a cold in ages and my hair and skin are so much healthier. All in all, I feel great.

I’ve told my friends about my superfood experience and the one thing many of them tell me is “Sarah – I don’t have TIME to take superfoods!”. I’ve heard this enough times to know that, for many people, this is a genuine excuse.

So, because I know you want answers to important questions, I wrote this article. By the end, you’ll not only be able to find time to take your superfoods but you’ll also know when to do it.

1. Immediately on waking

First thing in the morning is a great time to take superfoods. If you use superfood powder (check my superfood powder guide), just add a serving to your breakfast smoothie (superfood smoothie recipes) or some water or juice and chug it down (5 easy superfood juice drinks). This takes no time at all and means you start your day right with a big dose of very important vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients.

2. As a snack

Anytime you have a snack is a good time to have superfoods. You could eat whole superfoods like oranges, cherries, bananas, black olives, low fat cottage cheese or any other known but convenient superfood or just drink a superfood smoothie. If you are really in a rush, superfood powder mixed with water is a very quick, healthy, low calorie snack.

3. With your lunch 

Lunchtime is often the unhealthiest meal of the day; you grab whatever you can between classes or while sat at your desk at work. I know – I’ve done that exact thing myself!

However, did you know you can make your lunch much healthier by either having a superfood powder “chaser” or making a packed lunch that contains lots of super-tasty superfoods (superfood meals recipes). A salad made with baby spinach, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, skinless turkey, scallions and olive oil is literally nothing but superfoods. Not only will you enjoy a healthy meal, you’ll probably save money too by making your own lunch.

4. For dinner

In the same way you can make a superfood lunch, you can make a superfood dinner. At the end of the day, you are probably feeling tired and hungry and your body really needs those superfood nutrients. Consider making tomorrow’s dinner today and then putting it in the fridge so you come home to a healthy meal that is already prepared.

Check out my article Meal recipes using superfoods for some great lunch and dinner ideas!

5. Before bed

A pre-bed snack can enhance your health and give your body the materials it needs to grow and repair while you sleep. This is doubly true if you make sure you eat some superfoods! Cottage cheese, tuna, turkey, eggs, or superfood powder are all great snacks that will provide your body with the nutrients it needs and while promoting restful sleep.

Don’t worry about the whole “eating at night makes you fat” myth – that’s just nonsense. A small snack won’t cause weight gain and may even help you lose weight if it stops you from waking up for a midnight snack and eating ice cream!


There really isn’t a best time to take superfoods – almost any time is good. However, there are times when it might be more convenient. Find the time that works best for you and then make it your habit to take your superfoods the same time every day.

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