Who are Superfoods Good For ? 

Superfoods are not really new but they are getting a lot of press lately. Superfoods are basically regular foods that just so happen to be loaded with really useful and important nutrients. Eating superfoods supercharges your diet and can help prevent many diseases and even treat them too. At the very least, superfoods can help you look and feel better.

While there are lots of whole superfoods – from avocados to zucchini – some people prefer to get their superfoods in powder form. Powdered superfoods are concentrated supplements that make taking lots of different superfoods much easier; just add to water or your morning smoothie and BOOM! Instant superfoods!

So who are superfoods good for? Let’s take a look…

1. Dieters 

Superfoods are important for dieters in two ways. Firstly, most diets mean eating less and this can reduce the number of vitamins and minerals you end up consuming. This may leave you slightly malnourished which could increase your risk of illness or leave you feeling tired and weakened.

Also, your body will burn fat more efficiently when it is healthy. As superfoods boost your health, it makes sense that using superfoods can enhance weight loss.

Adding superfoods to a weight loss diet will enhance your results but consider using superfood powder to save calories.

2. Athletes and exercisers 

Training for sport or health and fitness takes a lot out of your body and increases your need for vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Unless you replace these precious resources, you will not recovery as quickly from your workouts and nor will you perform as well as you could.

Superfoods put back what exercise takes out of your body and the harder you exercise, the more useful superfoods become.

3. The elderly 

Aging is a catabolic or breaking down process. In our youth, we build back up almost as soon as we break down but, with advancing age, breakdown outpaces our ability to grow and repair. Superfoods provide the nutrients required to minimize breakdown and speed up repair which can help delay the aging process – albeit only slightly. Older people are also more susceptible to many illnesses and superfoods, with their immune system boosting-effect, can help prevent many common illnesses.

If you want to age better and enjoy your later years to the full, superfoods can help.

4. Kids 

Kids are growing and so their bodies need an abundant supply of nutrients. But most kids don’t eat especially healthily because they are more interested in junk food than health food. You might give them healthy food to eat but, when they get to choose for themselves, they probably go for fries instead of fruit! Get ideas on my article “5 Superfoods that Kids will Love”.

Superfoods provide a very condensed dose of vitamins and minerals and other important nutrients so even if your kid does eat junk food, you can still make sure they get plenty of what they need to grow up healthy and strong.

5. Expectant mothers 

Pregnancy and childbirth are amazing processes and the healthier the mother, the healthier the baby is likely to be. With your doctor’s approval, superfoods can enhance your health if you are expecting and that is nothing but good news for both you and the baby. This applies to the pre and post-natal periods.

6. Busy people 

Most people know they should eat more healthily but a lot of us don’t have the time to shop for and prepare healthy food. Superfoods, and especially superfood powders, make eating more healthily very quick and easy and far more effective than using things like multivitamins. If you are too busy to eat as healthily as you’d like, consider adding superfoods to your diet.


Superfoods are good for everybody but if you are in one of the six groups above, they are especially good for you. Use superfood powder, my guide about superfood powder here,  or eat whole superfoods to maximize your health.

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