Why I’ve Got Superfoods in my Diet

Superfoods are, as the name might suggest, super foods! They are really healthy and can help fight off disease and make you feel healthier and happier. In fact, I can’t think of many reasons NOT to have superfoods in your diet!

I discovered superfoods by accident really. Over the last few years I’ve changed my diet, cut down on sugar, started eating a lot more fruits and vegetables and even limited my carb intake. As a result, I lost weight and got healthier. I also added exercise into my routine and that helped me get fit and lose more fat.

But, and despite all this I still didn’t feel quite as healthy as I thought I should. It was like when you forget to add a little seasoning to your food – it tastes pretty good but not quite perfect.

I did some reading and research and discovered that, even though I was eating healthily and exercising, my diet was missing some essential nutrient that regular foods just do not contain. I’m not talking about vitamins and minerals but other nutrients like anti-oxidants, phytochemicals, probiotics, and other hard-to-get substances.

How do you get these substances in your diet? The best answer is superfoods.

Superfoods are very nutritionally-dense foods loaded with various substances that are good for your health. There are lots of different superfoods to choose from and each one has different healthful properties.

So how can superfoods benefit you? That’s a big question to answer as each one has a different function within your body. However, common superfood benefits include:

  • Enhanced immune system
  • Fewer illnesses
  • Reduced abdominal bloating
  • Less information and joint pain
  • More mental clarity
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Clearer skin
  • Shinier hair
  • Better focus and creativity
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Faster weight loss
  • Better memory
  • Increased productivity
  • Better able to cope with stress
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Healthier nails

And that’s just scratching the surface of the benefits of superfoods! Superfoods really are super but to enjoy their benefits, you need to consume them regularly. How do you go about adding superfoods to your diet? You have several options.

  1. Superfood smoothies – these are easy to make, tasty, and very refreshing. I like to have a superfood smoothie for breakfast or even as dessert after my evening meal. They also make a good meal replacement if you want to lose weight.
  2. Superfood meals – you can include a lot of superfoods in your meals and many superfoods are just regular foods that most of us don’t eat enough of. Ginger and avocados, for example, are great superfoods. I’ve got recipes for you in my article 5 Meal Recipes Using Superfoods.
  3. Use a superfood powder – superfood powders are a concentrated source of superfoods in supplement form. You can mix them with water or juice or add it to a smoothie to get a concentrated hit of superfoods. This is an ideal option if you can’t choose which superfoods to eat or you want to get as many superfoods as possible into your diet. You can read more about this interesting topic in my article Why Superfoods in Powder Form


So why do I have superfoods in my diet? Mainly because I look and feel so much better than when I don’t. They plug the gaps in my diet that even healthy eating cannot fill and I know I don’t feel as good when I do not use them. It doesn’t really matter where you get your superfoods from; so long as you have them regularly. I feel so much better because of superfoods and I am sure you will too!

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