Lunch Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

For most of us, and that includes me, lunch is often a sandwich eaten on the go or, worse still, something skipped altogether. Work often makes it hard to eat a healthy lunch – especially when you have a lot to do.

A healthy lunch can help you feel full up until dinner time, stop you from eating unhealthy snacks, make sure you have enough energy to exercise after work, and provide your body with some essential nutrients too.

I normally have my meal replacement shake for breakfast, my breakfast ideas are here, but, sometimes, I’ll switch things up – especially if I know getting a healthy lunch is going to be difficult.

Here are FIVE of my favorite lunchtime meal replacement shakes. Either make them before you leave your house and store them in a thermos flask to keep them cool, or make them fresh if you can.

What do you need ?

Meal replacement shake powder, my recommendations here.

Meal Replacement Shakes Plan –  here is mine.

Strawberries and cream vanilla shake

Strawberries and cream vanilla shake

Meal replacement shake can be effective and also tasty, try this recipe and get motivated to start or continue your meal replacement plan. Recipe here.



chocolate meal replacement shake lunch

Chocolate, banana and almond joy

Have a chocolate healthy shake to replace your lunch. Complete recipe here.


Coffee and coconut booster shake

Coffee and coconut booster shake

Enjoy your lunch shake and loose weight. This meal replacement shake contains healthy fats and powerful nutrients, perfect for your weight loss plan. Enjoy the recipe.




Apple, cinnamon, honey, and oats shake

High on protein this shake will make you feel full for several hours. Try this recipe.





Cookies and cream indulgence

Cookies and cream indulgence

Make your Monday more sweet without adding sugar. Continue your meal replacement shakes plan with this cookies shake. See the recipe here.




Meal Replacement Shakes Recipes

Coffee Shake as breakfast replacement shake
Coffee and coconut booster shake 
Banana and Pineapple breakfast shake
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