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Update: Beachbody on Demand service is not as it was before and  I can’t really recommend it. But, if you’re looking for some specific beachbody program you can find in

These days, people who want to get fit don’t need to go to the gym. They may embrace fitness right from the comfort and privacy of their own homes, simply by signing on for a membership at Beachbody on Demand.

Beachbody on Demand is a streaming video service which provides exceptional workouts for people from all fitness levels. This streaming service will make it simple for you to access hundreds of workouts, via a special Library which is for members only.

Workouts Run the Gamut

Plenty of different types of workouts are represented within the Members Library. This means that members will be able to go for extreme workouts, such as P90X3 or Insanity, or select workout videos which are less intense.

Since there is near-endless variety, it’s possible to change it up whenever you want to.

Here is just a sampling of what you’ll be able to stream when you sign up for a membership:

Without an affordable Beachbody on Demand membership, you’d need to pay over three thousand dollars in order to access all of these workouts.

You may try before you buy, as there is currently a “free trial 30 days offer”. This will be a smart way to discover all of the advantages of this cutting-edge program.

Now, let’s take just a moment to talk about the Beachbody Company…


This company was launched in 1998 and it is based in Santa Monica, California. This is the company behind some of the world’s premier home fitness programs, such as P90X, Hip Hop Abs and INSANITY.

BeachBody, learn more about this company, has created a website where users may stream workouts at Beachbody on Demand or purchase DVD-based fitness programs. Fitness gear and supplements are also available at this website, which features a busy and vibrant message board.

When you join this streaming program, you’ll receive the caring and personalized customer service that this company is known for and you’ll find that streaming workouts are viewable on iPad and iPhone devices, as well as home computers. In terms of cost/pricing, this comprehensive service is available for only $2.99 per week.  Learn more about beachbody company.

Access Lots of Members-only Perks

There is more to the Beachbody on Demand program than streaming workout videos. So as to provide members with everything that they will need to in order to embrace fitness (and in order to stay motivated!), the program comes with a free membership to the Team Beachbody Club.

This club provides step-by-step fitness guides, workout calendars, nutrition plans and progress trackers. As well, it offers live chats with wonderful personal trainers. Well-known and beloved trainers who are affiliated with the program include Tony Horton, Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev (to name just a few).

Why Not Sign Up Today?

Now that we’ve provided you with an overview of the program, you have a deeper understanding of its myriad features and benefits. If you are interested in finding out more (and signing up for a free trial!), be sure to access the program today This is definitely the best place to find an authentic program which includes a lot of fun and practical extras.

Since this program is just so affordable (and since it includes so many of the world’s most popular workouts, as well as a lot of other bells and whistles!), it comes highly-recommended. Real-life customers find that it provides superior ROI (return on investment).

The best way to find out if Beachbody on Demand is right for you is to try it today. So, what are you waiting for?

beachbody on demand programs included

Is this Program Right for You?

If you want to get fit, right from the comfort and privacy of your own home, you’ll find that this service offers plenty of advantages and no real drawbacks. This program provides a plethora of live streaming workout videos to members, as well as lots of other VIP perks.

The collection of workout videos offered at the site would cost you three thousand dollars to buy – with Beach body on Demand, you’ll only need to pay $2.99 per month in order to watch them all, any time that it is convenient for you. Day or night, you’ll have access to premium workout videos which may be viewed via on your home computer, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV.

This versatile service was designed in order to help people achieve their best bodies, no matter how busy their lifestyles are. When you work out at home, you’ll be able to save big bucks on gym fees, so this new and popular service is definitely sensible from a financial perspective. In addition, it’s just so convenient.

This comprehensive review is designed to give you an overview into the program. It’s loaded with facts about the program which will help you to make a wise and informed decision about whether or not it is right for you.

In addition to the very best live streaming workout videos, this program features stellar customer service. The program was launched on the release date, Jan. 10, 2015 and it’s been a big hit with fitness fans all over the world.

Aside from videos, this program will give you instant access to the Team Beachbody Club, which provides customized meal plans, live chats with famous personal trainers, workout calendars and savings on future purchases…

So, there are tons of benefits and the program also comes with a free, 30-day trial offer. This means that you’ll be able to test it out without paying, for a full month! Once your trial period is over, your credit card will be charged at the regular membership rate ($2.99 per month, billed in quarterly installments).

How Does it Work?

After signup and payment processing you’ll be a full-fledged member of Beachbody on Demand. This means that you’ll be able to watch any of hundreds of popular and effective workout videos, via your preferred electronic device(s).

You’ll be able to choose from an array of the world’s most popular and acclaimed workout videos, including Hip Hop Abs, P90X and INSANITY. Every month, new programs are added to the library, which already contains tons of wonderful workout titles.

Different types of people sign up for the program, from those who want to lose weight to those who want to get ripped and honed. Since so many awesome workout videos are available, it’s possible to enjoy superlative variety which may be customized in order to help you meet your specific fitness goals.

Since there are so many videos, you will never get bored and you’ll access the types of workouts which make measurable results possible in no time flat.

Choosing a video workout will be so easy. Just click on your favorite and then start exercising. Some videos may require the usage of fitness equipment, from yoga mats to dumbbells. Others won’t require anything but drive and determination. Video instructors will let you know what’s needed as the videos begin. These instructors will also offer clear instructions about how to perform the workouts, in addition to providing tons of motivation. You’ll find that choosing this service is like having your own personal trainer at your home! Some of these instructors are world-class athletes and fitness gurus!

In addition, enjoy yourself at by accessing your free Team Beachbody Club membership, which will offer you access to meal plans, live chats with trainers and a host of other exciting perks. At Beachbody on Demand, membership has its privileges and it’s possible to enjoy an assortment of resources, for the low, low price of just $2.99 per month.

A 30 day trial at the website is available, which is totally free of charge. So, the cost of getting started with the program is actually zero.

When your trial ends, (as we mentioned earlier) your credit card will be charged at the usual monthly rate, on a quarterly basis, and this works out to just $2.99 per month.

Enjoying this live streaming workout video program will be as easy as logging in at the website. Just click in order to access the perfect workout for your needs.

What Workouts are Included

This video collection would cost over three thousand dollars. For members, it costs just pennies per day. Streaming video workouts at Beachbody on Demand include P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Insanity, ChaLEAN Extreme, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Life, Hip Hop Abs and 10-Minute Trainer. This is just a sampling – however, the videos that we’ve mentioned have definitely changed lives. They’ve helped people to get lean, honed and sexy and they receive rave reviews from fitness fans and fitness experts alike.

In addition, when you choose this program, you’ll access sneak peaks of a range of exciting workouts, such as Focus T25, Body Beast and PiYo (to name just a few!). As you can see, Beachbody on Demand programs offer something for everyone and the program list is really comprehensive. These Beachbody workouts are so easy to enjoy and they allow men and women to feel the burn, to work off the calories and to enjoy toning all of their muscles.

If you’re interested in losing weight, you’ll find that plenty of fat-burning workouts are featured. If you’re more interested in gaining muscle mass and/or sculpting your body, you’ll find that there are perfect workouts for these purposes. The beauty of this system is that you’ll be able to change videos as your fitness level changes. You’ll have the option of moving from a beginner workout to something more intense and advanced. With most fitness programs, this type of versatility just isn’t there!


Since this system costs so little, its price isn’t a con. After all, there’s a 7-day trial, so you won’t even need to spend money outright in order to get started with the program. However, you will be charged $2.99 per week after the trial period. If you want a program which is totally free, Beachbody on Demand may not meet your needs. However, there is no doubt that the cost of the program is low.

Those who don’t enjoy variety in terms of which workouts they choose may want to consider another program. This one offers a lot of variety, although members are certainly free to do the same workouts over and over again if they want to. It’s easy to select any workout at just the touch of a button. A workout will start automatically once it’s selected. Portability you can see it at home, iPhone, iPad et cetera is a key selling point  – this portability definitely isn’t a “con”.

There are so many great reasons to choose this program. The cons are few and the advantages are myriad. Now that you’ve learned more about Beachbody on Demand and what it has to offer, you may be ready to try it for yourself.

We hope this comprehensive guide has given you the hard facts that you need. We’ve tried to explain in simple and understandable terms just what an excellent deal this system is. You’ll get so much for your money, including VIP perks, such as the chance to chat with world-renowned personal trainers, such as 21 Day Fix guru, Autumn Calabrese and Tony Horton. As well, you’ll access meal planning tools and workout calendars via the Team Beachbody Club (membership to this club is free to all Beachbody on Demand members).

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  1. The Beachbody on demand is $2.99 per week, and the free trial is only 7 days not 30. Not going to say that it isn’t super cheap though! Thanks for the article.

  2. Hi Sarah-

    I’ve really enjoyed reading all these articles on your website! I’ve learned so much from you this evening. I just got my containers in the mail today that I purchased from Amazon. I’m so new to all of this but really need some motivation to start taking care of myself. I don’t need to lose weight but I have some areas that need fixing lol. I received the containers and then a “21 Day PDF Planner” and a a “21 day recipe eBook” in my email. I’m thinking about trying BeachBody on Demand however I feel like I have only read bad reviews about it. How can I see past all the negative comments? Do you think someone who would be doing these workouts in their bedroom would have enough space?

    • Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for your kind words. Yes, the service provided by BeachBody on Demand is not as good as it seemed to be. If you still looking for a specific beachbody program you can find it at Hope I’ve helped. Have a great day.

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