10 Minute Trainer Workout DVD

You can do a couple of sets of exercise in 10 minutes but can you really workout?

The 10-Minute Trainer will put you to the test. This program has a workout program that consists of 8 workouts – one for the total body, one for cardio, another one for your lower body, an abs set, a core cardio program, an upper body set, a second total body set, and a yoga workout. With the plan you will receive a couple of calendars, a fitness guide, a nutrition guide, and a support group that is available 24/7.

In addition you will receive four free gifts to add to your 10 minute trainer schedule: a pro-grade resistance band; a 2-day jump start program to help you stay on track with your eating .You will also receive a power cardio belt. You will want to go through all the materials up front so you can map out your 10 minute trainer schedule. When you send in pictures of your results the company will send you a free 10-minute T-shirt that says No More Excuses on the back.

One of the places that you will be able to gain access to this program is on BeachBody on Demand, learn more about this streaming service. This website lets you have access to many of the latest workout programs from the Beach Body family. Sign up for the membership for Beach Body on Demand and you will have unlimited access to just about any program you would like to try. You won’t have to purchase each program to see which one you like the best. You can download it, or watch it on streaming, onto your laptop, tablet, or smart phone. As long as you are connected to the Internet you can workout wherever you like. The 10-Minute Trainer is one of the programs that is currently available online.

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