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Autumn Calabrese has made a name for herself as a celebrity fitness trainer and a national level bikini competitor. She’s a rising star in the fitness community had has put her brains and her beauty too good use, developing some extremely well received fitness programmes. Her workout plans are grounded in science, and she definitely has the head for it as she holds personal training certificates from both the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Fitness Professionals & Associates. Although she want her customers to push themselves to become healthier and fitter, and provides them with the means to do this. The main reason that she has become so popular is down to her supportive and motivating approach to fitness. She believes that by providing her clients with a foundation of good food choices and exercise habits she can enable them to reach their fitness goals in a healthy way. As well as her celebrity clientele, she also works with as a fitness specialist. She is a fantastic addition to the beach body family of trainers and the proof of this comes from her workouts being features in numerous magazines such as the LA parent, Daily Candy as well as the TV show Home & Family.

Autumn Calabrese Popular Workouts 

Everyone wants quick results when it comes to fitness and losing weight. This is why the most popular workouts Calabrese have developed are the 21 Day Fix and the 21 Day Fix Extreme, enabling her clients to get the beach body they aspire to in time for summer.

Autumn is also one of coaches of the BeachBody Team.

21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix, my complete guide here, is a comprehensive plan that makes healthy eating and fitness simple. It completed shuns the fad diets and quick fixes that have become popular in recent years, and instead aims to provide customers with a foundation for which they can build a complete life change on. The programme comes with 2 DVDs featuring 6 incredibly easy to follow workouts and revolutionary diet plan where the famous color coded containers system was introduced.. Each workout aims to burn the maximum amount of calories in only 30 minutes. They are designed that way so that even the busiest of people can fit it into their schedule. The workouts will be extremely challenging and should maximise fat loss.

  1. Total Body Cardio Fix

This fix will keep the heart rate up, and will also keep your metabolism running on high so you can continue burning calories even after the workout is finished.

  1. Upper Fix

The upper fix focuses on resistance training and will help to shape your chest, back, shoulders, abs and arms.

  1. Lower Fix

The lower fix will help you to burn a high amount of calories whilst also firming and toner the entirety of your lower body.

  1. Pilates Fix

The Pilates fix will enable you to strengthen your core whilst also elongating your muscles and toning up your hips and thighs. All of which are essential components of the perfect beach body.

  1. Cardio Fix

The heart should be seriously pumping during this fix. It is designed to keep the body continuously moving in order to melt away those extra pounds.

  1. Yoga Fix 

The yoga fix aims to improve balance, flexibility and strength as well as enabling the muscles to relax following the high intensity of the other fixes.

21 Day Fix Extreme

The 21 Day Fix Extreme, my guide here, takes all the components of the 21 Day Fix and increases the intensity to an eye watering level, find the differences between 21 day fix vs 21 day fix extreme here. This particular workout is for people that want to achieve a lean six pack, cut arms and ripped shoulders. This workout will literally scorch those calories and carve muscle as if from stone. The workout includes a lot of the same fixes as the standard 21 Day Fix however there are a few little extras. For example the PLYO Fix Extreme. This is an explosive lower body working using jumping and resistance to eradicate calories and sculpt muscles quickly.

FIXATE – The Cookbook with 21 Day Fix Approved Recipes 

Summer 2015, Autumn have created a 101 recipes cookbook. All recipes are 21 day fix approved and include color containers and nutritional information. It’s highly recommended tool to all fixers doing 21 day fix or 21 day fix extreme. You can learn more about this cook book on my review here.

If you are looking for free recipes you can check our  21 Day Fix Recipes page for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and desert recipes. All recipes include color containers information to help you to continue with your 21 day fix eating plan.

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