P90X2 – Extreme Workout Program

P90X started it all but P90X2 has created a whole new footprint for itself. With the hundreds of workout routines on the market P90X2 workouts are different. Don’t be surprised if you lose your balance here – but that is exactly what you are supposed to do. When you perform the P90X2 workouts you will do them while you are on one foot or perched on an exercise ball or just on a platform that is uneven. Because it causes you to work more muscles as you do each exercise it is called Muscle Integration.

Created by Tony Horton, the exercise program developed for P90X2 train you in such a way that you are working smarter not harder. You will be working out the way that professional athletes work out. You have three different programs to choose from – the Base, Deluxe, and the Ultimate plan. Each kit comes with 13 DVDs, a workout calendar, a nutrition guide, and a fitness guide. The Deluxe kit includes 2 8-1b Medicine Balls, a foam roller, and a 55cm Premium Stability Ball. The Ultimate plan has everything the Deluxe kit has plus a RumbleRoller and Tony Horton’s PowerStands.

No matter which plan you choose, within 90 days you have a good chance of being in the best shape of your life. You may want to start out slow and work your way up to the Ultimate set. One good thing you may want to do is to try the Base program on BeachBody on demand. With this feature from the BeachBody people, you will have access to just about all of their exercise programs. You won’t need to purchase DVDs, you will be able to work right from the Internet. Check out the benefits of getting a membership to BeachBody on Demand on my detailed review and start working out anywhere your laptop or smartphone take you.

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