Insanity Workout DVD

Created by BeachBody, this program is the opposite of what you have come to know as an intense workout. When you take a Spin class you work at a regular pace and then you up your speed for a couple of minutes and then you go back to your regular pace. The INSANITY workout is the opposite of that – you work at your highest level of speed and keep going. This type of workout is called Max Interval Training. Because you are pushing yourself beyond your normal limits you won’t have to wait 90 days to get in shape with this workout schedule. You will see your results in 60 days.

You will get your workouts for Month One as well as your calendar and workout schedule. The 60-day INSANITY Calendar will hang on your wall so you can stay on track with your workout schedule. There is a DVD for the first month and another one for month two. Included in the plan is the Quick Start Guide so you can get going right away and reach your goal in 60 days. Another perk is the Elite Nutrition Plan which consists of the workout diet. There are 60 days of menus as well as recipes to help you stay on the diet.

You will be provided with a team of specialists with your Online Support option. When you sign up you have the chance to receive two more bonus workouts. The first one is a core cardio and balance workout and the second one is Shaun T.’s Fit Test. Once you see where you are you it will make it easier to figure out where you are going and stick with it. Seeing your fitness levels before and after will help you see how hard you worked and how far you have come.

This program, along with other BeachBody workouts, are now available through the new streaming solution BeachBody On Demand. Learn more about this new fitness streaming solution on my review here.

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