Smoothie Recipes

Whatever your nutritional or fitness goals, smoothies can help you get there faster. One of the hardest aspects of good nutrition is finding the time and the motivation to prepare and cook healthy meals but smoothies make that a thing of the past.

I love trying new smoothie recipes so I’m going to share with you some of my new favorites. I’ve organized the recipes into different categories to make it easier for you to choose the right one for you and I’ll explain exactly what you need before you start.

All of my recipes are easy to follow, fun to make tasty and healthy and all you need is a blender.

Fruit smoothies

fruit smoothies recipesFruit smoothies are my favorite kind of smoothie. Not only are they refreshing and delicious, they are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber too. Being light and refreshing, they make for a perfect breakfast and are an easy way to get more healthy fruit into your diet.

Fruit smoothies also have a lovey sweet taste which is great if you need a healthy sweetness fix and don’t want to ruin your diet with candy or ice cream.

It’s not always convenient to eat fruit – maybe at school or at work – but you can drink your fruit anywhere if you make any of my fantastic-tasting fruit smoothies! Fruit smoothie recipes here.

Green smoothies

green smoothies recipes by days to fitnessYou KNOW you need to eat more vegetables but how many do you eat a day. Two? Three? For many people eating the recommended daily number of vegetables can be really tough and that’s where green smoothies come in.

Green smoothies make it so much easier to get more vegetables into your diet. Simply toss a variety of veggies into your blender, hit the button and then enjoy delicious and healthy veggies any time of the day!

Green smoothies will change your opinion of vegetables and make it so much easier for you to get more essential veggies into your diet. Low in calories, high in fiber, packed with healthy nutrients – what’s not to love about green smoothies? Green smoothie recipes.

Protein shakes

protein shakes recipes by days to fitnessIf you are a regular exerciser, you undoubtedly need more protein in your diet. Protein helps your muscles recover from exercise, get stronger and even bigger if that’s the type of workout you like to do.

It’s not always convenient to eat eggs or chicken – maybe because you are at work or at school – and that’s where protein shakes come in. They are convenient and can be consumed almost anywhere – even driving home from the gym.

Make sure you aren’t undermining your workout results – give your body the essential protein it needs by consuming healthy protein shakes regularly and especially after exercise. My protein shakes recipes here.

Yogurt smoothies

yogurt smoothies recipes by days to fitnessYogurt makes a great base for smoothies – especially protein shakes and fruit smoothies. It’s creamy, tasty and smooth and gives smoothies a really nice texture.

Yogurt is also high in protein and calcium and natural yogurt contains probiotics – a precursor for healthy gut bacteria that is essential for proper digestive function.

Many smoothies are milk or juice-based and yogurt is arguably a healthier alternative as yogurt tends to be less processed than milk and lower in sugar than juice. Many people who are lactose intolerant have much less of a problem with yogurt.

Yogurt is a very healthy and tasty smoothie ingredient and really adds an extra dimension to any smoothie recipe.

Try one of my yogurt-based smoothies recipes today! 

Weight loss smoothies

Meal Replacement Shakes Recipes for Weight Loss by days to fitnessOne of the best ways to lose weight quickly and easily is to follow a meal replacement plan. Simply swap one or two meals for a low calorie, high protein, high fiber shake and you’ll lose weight quickly and easily.

My guide about “How to lose weight with Meal replacement Shakes”

While there are meal replacement diet products available to buy such as SlimFast and Shakeology (shakeology alternatives here), there is nothing to stop you making your own great-tasting weight loss smoothies – often for a lot less money!

Weight loss shakes take the time and effort out of losing weight while getting healthier and my delicious weight loss shake recipes will help you start losing weight right now.

Superfood Smoothies

superfood smoothies page coverI am a big fan of superfoods! Ever since I started adding more superfoods to my diet, I have felt happier and healthier. My friends tell me my skin and hair look better too. I frequently use superfood powder to make it easy to get plenty of these super-healthy nutrients but, whenever I can, I like to eat whole superfoods too.
Superfoods are mostly foods you already know that also happen to be very healthy. They all have several health benefits and are also very tasty. It can be hard to know how best to combine these foods though!

My favorite superfood smoothies recipes.

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