Green smoothies

Veggies are virtually essential for health. Fruit is important – of that there is no doubt – but in terms of nutritional content per calories consumed, being sugar-free and lower in carbs, veggies are the clear winner.

We’re often told that we should eat around five portions of vegetables a day but, really, this is a very low target to aim for and probably nowhere near enough if you want to be as healthy as possible. Instead, I think you should double this figure and eat closer to ten portions of vegetables a day.

Of course, this is not easy – especially if you have to cook and eat all your veggies. However, if you make green smoothies instead, consuming this many vegetables suddenly becomes much easier.

You can use almost any kind of vegetable in your green smoothies but, if you are serious about getting the most vitamins possible, locally produced seasonal veggies and frozen veggies are your best choice.

And do your green smoothies have to be only green? No! You can use veggies of a variety of colors like yellow peppers and red tomatoes alongside nutritional powerhouses like kale and spinach.

Even people who don’t like vegetables much often fall in love with green smoothies and because the vegetables are raw, they are in the healthiest condition possible.

Try one of my green smoothie recipes and stay enjoying vegetables today!

Super veggie cocktail1.Super veggie cocktail

 This superb savory smoothie recipe tastes a lot like a virgin bloody Mary and is seriously pack with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Veggie Smoothie recipe here.


Kale and apple smoothie

2.Kale and apple smoothie

I know that not everyone likes the taste of raw veggies – no matter how healthy they are. Mixing apple with veggies will change the taste which makes this green smoothie a good healthy and tasty drink. Recipe here


Sharp and green smoothie3.Sharp and green smoothie

The combination of sharp-tasting grapefruit, the tangy pineapple and the delicious vegetables makes this smoothie truly unique. Find the recipe here.

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