My 21 Day Fix Results

First of all,if you don’t know this program,you can find here a quick overview of the workout and the eating plan.

My Before and After Results

Before I used the program, I weighed 133 pounds. I’m petite at 5’3”, and my ideal weight for my larger-boned body is about 125 pounds. With the help of The 21 Day Fix,available at, I took an “ok” body to its peak of perfection. At the end of the program, I’d shed seven pounds and my clothes fit so much better, like they did when I was a decade younger (I’m 35). That put me just one pound above my ideal weight!

While my body wasn’t too bad to begin with, I had a slight belly, my midriff wasn’t as sleek as I wanted it to be and my arms and legs were a little too full. In addition, because I was a bit chubby, my face didn’t have the definition that I prefer it to have.

Now, I have my cheekbones back, thanks to the intense Cardio workouts and other workouts in the plan…as well, my jawline is more defined, which means that my Facebook profile pics look better than ever and get tons of “likes” and comments, too! This makes me feel good!

The First Week is Harder

This workout system is fantastic because it defies boredom. If you’ve ever gotten tired of the repetitive workouts in other fitness systems, you’ll find that this one has enough variety to keep you excited about working out!

Aside from the Cardio workouts (there are two in the program!) that I mentioned earlier, this program offers Pilates, Yoga and Upper and Lower body workouts. So, it’s simple to change it up. Expert instruction is there in order to ensure that you can master perfect form which helps you to get results faster.

The first week of this workout was the hardest, as I had to adjust to eating clean and doing intense workouts half an hour each day. However, after three or four days, I found that I felt great, as the workouts became simpler to complete. Probably, the balanced nutrition that I was taking in – and the strength and endurance that I was building by exercising daily – helped me to adjust rapidly.

Week Two Was a Great Experience

Since I adjusted in Week One, I found Week Two surprisingly stress-free and pleasant. During this phase, I started to see changes in my body and I felt a lot more attractive. While changes were still subtle, my abs had more definition, my legs looked quite a bit more ripped and my face seemed thinner. These visible changes stoked my motivation and I seemed to power through my workouts!

Nothing motivates like looking hotter than when you started, and I definitely did look hotter! Compliments started to pour in during week two and this kept me fired up to do workouts daily and to use my food containers. You can measure out portions in the containers and then put them on a plate, so you don’t need to eat out of the containers! I recommend plating your food as it’s just nicer!

In terms of recovery, you’ll find that the initial days of the second week are the toughest. You may feel a bit sore and tired and you may also miss eating junk foods, which we all tend to get addicted to!

Week Three Was Very Gratifying

During week three, I did Cardio, Yoga, the Upper and Lower Fix workouts and the Dirty 30 bonus workout, while keeping up with my clean, portion-controlled diet. On two of these days, I doubled up by performing two workouts per day. While it was harder to do a couple of workouts daily, I would wake up the next day looking wonderful and this gave me the motivation to continue.

On my double days, I focused on the upper and lower body in order to balance my figure. While I still experienced a bit of soreness, it wasn’t anything debilitating and I was proud of myself as I knew I was approaching the end of a successful fitness/diet journey. I also knew that I’d keep using the program’s meal tips and workouts in order to maintain my great results.

I Didn’t Use Shakeology During the Program

Shakeology is a drink mix that some people utilize during the 21 Day Fix. Certain people do believe that these shakes aid weight loss and recovery. However, I preferred to do the workout just as recommended, without adding other fitness/nutrition products into the mix. After all, the portion-controlled meal plan offers perfect nutritional balance and there’s really no reason to change up a system which has worked effectively for so many people. Although, if you are into super foods I’ve written a post about shakeology alternatives.

I personally feel that following the program to the letter is the key to success, so I would recommend that you don’t add other products into the mix while you’re doing the 21 Day Fix. Stay with the classic program and watch in awe as you build plenty of lean muscle and lose unwanted pounds. Be aware that muscle weighs more than fat, so pay attention to how well your clothes fit, as well as the number on the scale.


I have had some success with other fitness challenges. For example, I did a boot camp thing in my community, but I found it hard to stick with it, as I’d need to get up very early in order to participate in the workouts before I started my job each day. Eventually, I stopped going regularly, so I realize that I do better with DVD-based workouts which I can perform when I’m rested and ready to get fit.

In addition, I love working out from home, as it’s just so easy to shower afterwards and then continue on with my day or night. I don’t have to drive, pack up shower items or pay for expensive classes. This is why I find the 21 Day Fix superior to community-based fitness programs.

Now that you know more, why not order this superlative fitness and diet program today at It’s the best way to get a beach body in just 21 short days!

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    • Hi Erin,

      When you calculate your target for the day (learn how to calculate it here) you’re already lowering your calorie intake. During the 3 weeks of the 21 day fix program, you’ll follow that calorie target and also doing workouts which will help you to loose weight while creating a diet healthy habit.

  1. Hey congrats on your fitness and health!

    I just wanted to make sure you know that fat and muscle actually weigh the same. 1 lb of muscle is the same as 1 lb of fat. One may think that muscle is heavier because it’s more dense buuuut… it’s not :). When you do start to gain muscle and you’re body isn’t used to it, it does tend to retain water to help with the repair (that’s my understanding) and that’s why the scale may go up or not move at all. I actually used to think that muscle weighed more too but eh… common misconception!

    • I think when people say this they mean that 1lb of fat takes up more space than 1 lb of muscle. So you can build muscle while losing fat and still weigh the same but you are actually smaller… measurement wise. 🙂 The visual is an eye opener. I work at an elementary and our PE department ordered a comparison. Pretty cool and a good motivator.

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