21 Day Fix Workout Breakdown

Do you know that The 21 Day Fix has the power to help you lose a lot of weight in just three weeks? Created by stunning fitness expert, Autumn Calabrese, this exceptional diet and fitness program helped me to feel more confident in my clothes and in my swimsuit!

If you want to get fit and you’re interested in embarking on a new workout and diet journey, you may want to consider The 21 Day Fix program. This exceptional workout and nutrition regimen will require discipline and focus – however, it’s not the most grueling program out there…it’s just a bit intense, in order to offer quick rewards…


What You’ll Receive 

21 day fix complete packageThe program features six workouts in convenient DVD format, as well as a meal plan/diet tip booklet and color-coded plastic containers. These containers are perfectly sized in order to ensure superb portion control and balanced nutrition.

There are different sizes and colors of BPA-free containers for each type of food, from proteins to fruit to “good oils” and beyond! These handy containers are one of the secrets of this fitness and diet plan’s high success rate with real-life men and women…

Real-life users love the simplicity and effectiveness of The 21 Day Fix. In a nutshell, if you follow the program, you’ll lose pounds and inches and you will tone up every part of your body. This is a “beach body” program, which means that it’s designed to make you feel sexy and confident in a swimsuit, in just 21 days.

The 21 Day Fix perfect for those who are fairly fit and want to take fitness to the next level. However, this program should work beautifully for anyone who wants to see tangible improvements in his or her body, without the wait

Access Incredible Diet Support

Autumn Calabrese and her The 21 Day Fix team want you to succeed, so they add value to every program package by including a complete eating plan. When you order, you’ll receive color-coded plastic containers which make creating balanced meals (with perfect portions!) a total breeze.

As well, you’ll access a meal plan booklet which takes all of the guesswork out of losing weight and getting ripped!

Now that you know just how many advantages this program has, why choose anything else? Get your best body in just 21 days by ordering this effective, safe and fun fitness program today at official site!

What You Will Need 

As we mentioned earlier, this program comes with everything that you will need. However, it does require that you own dumbbells or a resistance band, along with a Yoga mat. Since most people already own these fitness accessories, the team at The 21 Day Fix don’t include them.

You’ll find that acquiring these fitness basics is very inexpensive (if you don’t own them already).

yoga mat

Yoga Mat

Resistance Band

Resistance Band Set









Aside from these two pieces of fitness equipment, you won’t need to purchase anything else in order to participate in the workouts. With just two fitness accessories at your side, you’ll be primed to enjoy workouts that feature the most original and effective moves. You’ll tone and sculpt your body for a truly proportional and pleasing look and you’ll feel healthier and stronger, every single day…

21 day fix workout routines dvds

Workout Routines DVDs

Discover 21 Day Fix Moves

Some fitness programs are ho-hum because they’re just too cookie-cutter. In other words, they utilize the same old moves that people who work out have done a million times before.

Autumn Calabrese knows that people want new and thrilling moves which have the power to sculpt their figures or physiques. So, she’s devoted plenty of time and effort to adding bold new moves to all of the six workouts which are included in the program.

It’s all about getting fit without being bored. For example, Autumn has incorporated Yoga postures and poses into one facet of her six-facet workout plan. These moves will probably be new to you and they will relax your muscles wonderfully! Other moves in the program are more hard-core, including the moves found in the Cardio workouts. By performing cool moves, such as the side shuffle and the squat wood chop, you’ll raise your heart rate and boost your metabolism.

The 21 Day Fix schedule is not complicated. In fact, we summarized it in just a sentence at the top of this review. Basically, you’ll do one workout per day for fifteen days and then do two workouts per day until completion. This schedule isn’t hard to follow and it’s designed to offer visible results over the short term.

Workout Schedules

Week 1
Total Body Cardio FixUpper FixLower FixPilates FixCardio FixDirty 30Yoga Fix
Week 2Total Body Cardio FixUpper FixLower FixPilates FixCardio FixDirty 30Yoga Fix
Week 3Total Body Cardio FixUpper FixLower FixPilates FixCardio FixDirty 30Yoga Fix

While you will need to work hard, these workouts do what they’re supposed to do, which is make your body look its very best. These workout routines are most suitable for those who already have a decent level of fitness.


Different types of workouts

Enjoy the Total Body Cardio Fix Workout

cardio with weights

Cardio Routines Workout

Cardio is an important facet of total body fitness and this workout program features exercises which will pump up your heart rate and help you to burn lots of calories, fast!

The Total Body Cardio Fix Workout which is featured in the 21 Day Fix program has aerobic elements which get you moving and keep you moving, with a mind to boosting your body’s heart rate for a full thirty minutes.  Expect to perform Jumping Jacks, raise dumbbells above your head while you jog and do other fat-blasting moves in order to become your very best self!


Hone Your Upper Body with the Upper Fix Workout

upper fix workout

Upper Fix Routines

When you are working out, it’s vital to create a balanced look by working out every part of the body. Autumn Calabrese knows this and she has created an Upper Body workout which is designed to sculpt and tone the back, shoulders, arms and torso.

When you do the Upper Fix, you’ll ensure that your entire upper body gets the toning that it needs in order to look truly spectacular. Dumbbells or resistance bands will make this workout plan more challenging and successful. You’ll use these fitness accessories in order to build lean and sexy muscle!

Tone Your Lower Body with the Lower Fix Workout

lower fix workout

Lower Fix

To balance your body, you will need to work out your lower body, including your glutes, legs and hips. When you choose The 21 Day Fix, you’ll find that getting results is easy. The Lower Fix workout will target all of your trouble spots, whether you’re male or female, via a range of practical exercises.

Resistance bands will come in handy here as you get on your fitness mat and stretch out your lower body! In addition, you’ll utilize dumbbells in order to create resistance as you build muscle in your thighs and streamline your hips for a lean and attractive look.

Pilates Fix

pilates workout fix

Pilates Fix

Pilates is popular with actresses and models, as Pilates routines do have the power to lengthen muscles and give the body a lean and mean look that is just so modern and appealing. When you choose the 21 Day Fix, you’ll use Pilates moves in order to get the sleek look that you crave.

A series of yoga mat exercises will help you to lengthen and tone your muscles. These exercises are easy to learn and mastering them will be easy with Autumn and her team at your side. You may use your Pilates Fix DVD at home or anywhere that you have access to a DVD player or a computer with DVD capability. Pilates is a safe and gentle form of exercise which really works wonders!

Cardio Fix

cardio workout fix

Cardio Fix

The Cardio Fix workout is the second, more intense Cardio workout in this program. It’s designed to complement the other cardio workout and to help fitness buffs bust through annoying plateaus in no time flat. This is a bonus workout which is added in so as to provide you with even more value for your hard-earned money.

If you’re ready for challenging, basic-training style exercises, such as good old-fashioned Burpees, then this is the ultra-intense Cardio workout that you’ve been waiting for! You’ll break a sweat and feel the burn as Autumn Calabrese and her expert instructors put you through your paces!

Dirty 30

Dirty 30 workout

Dirty 30

Another bonus workout is also featured in the 21 Day Fix package and it’s known as the Dirty 30. As the name might suggest, this routine features exercises which will push you to your limits.

If you’re ready to go for it, you’ll find that this workout’s fun moves, including alternate shoulder raises, Sumo-style squats and close leg squats, give you the power to enhance your personal fitness rapidly. Just follow the instructions in order to perfect your technique. You’ll receive professional instruction that is caring, friendly and fun to watch!

Cool Down and Relax with the Yoga Fix Workout

yoga workout

Yoga Exercises

Your muscles need to be relaxed sometimes in order to work at their best. When you try out the Yoga Fix workout which is included with your 21 Day Fix package, you’ll learn classic and traditional Yoga poses which make it simple to relax your muscles and promote their growth and health. Whether you’re new to Yoga or an old hand at Downward Facing Dogs and other popular postures, you’ll love what this soothing workout has to offer!

Tighten Your Tummy with the 10 Minute Fix for Abs (Bonus)

As a bonus, you’ll be able to access sexy six-pack abs when you use the program’s free workout, the 10 Minute Fix for Abs. This fun freebie features the most effective abdominal exercises and it’s designed to help even those who are battling genetics to flatten their tummies, fast.

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    are the workout videos really 30 minutes? my husband and i workout in the morning and it needs to be 30 minutes or less but sometimes when they say 30 minutes they are not including warm up/ cool down, etc…

  2. I can only do low impact workouts, do these videos contain modifications for that? If not, are results still possible without doing the workouts?

  3. Hi! I ordered a couple of years ago. I have lost The Disc 1. Will it still do me any good and get results if I just use Disc 2. ( it has the cardio fix, dirty30, yoga fix and the 10 min abs) I’m also planning to incorporate running into my fitness as well. Just wondering if I should do the disc 2 at all or do you need both discs for results.

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