Unlocking the Mystery of the 21 Day Fix Containers

Everyone that is serious about trying to lose as much weight as humanly possible as quickly as humanly possible has at least heard of Beach body and the amazing body transformation products that they offer.

Each and every one of their programs have been designed from the ground up to give everyone the opportunity to overhaul their diet and their exercise lifestyle to create the body of their dreams just as quickly as possible. And while a significant amount of the Beach body transformation is due in large part to the exercise programs that they have scientifically engineered to produce quick results, their approach to a healthier diet gives everyone the opportunity to keep weight off permanently.

Unfortunately, trying to take control of your diet can be a bit of a challenge – especially if you are tempted to eat a bit more than you probably should be. Portion control is a serious issue for most, which is why the Beach body Portion Control seven piece container kit exists in the first place!

Note: The 21 day fix containers kit can be bought separately at amazon.com, click here to see the kit at amazon.com.

How it works

Understanding the containers in the 21 Day Fix  plan isn’t difficult. If you have suffered through complicated plans in the past, there might be an element of panic when you hear about measuring out into containers, but the difference here is there’s very little to figure out, and only one formula to follow. Even better, there’s no need to gaze longingly at other people’s plates wondering what they are having as you can still satisfy your own cravings, only with the portions controlled.

The Color Coding

The colors on the containers make it simple to remember which food goes where.

Green for vegetables, purple for fruit, red for protein, yellow for carbohydrates, blue will contain the healthy fats and cheese, and two orange containers for oils and seeds. There’s also a Shakeology shaker cup for drinks, or Shakeology alternatives here.

This eliminates the concern over how much you are eating, and the containers keep the foods you eat throughout the day fresh and ready to eat. The system doesn’t eliminate restaurant dinning, as there is also a guide you can read with ease to practice eating out without over doing it. The guide and the fact you can have great foods you love will help you stay on track without cheating.

why 21 day fix containier work

The Chart and Formula

Anyone who’s phobic of math doesn’t have to fear this diet. Unlike many programs that call for a constant use of a formula throughout the day to calculate calories, this is a one-time evaluation of factors that effect personal weight loss. When this fitness program arrives all that’s necessary is to follow the formula with this information that includes height, activity level, and gender. In order to reach their goal weight men and women will have slightly different food intakes. For women the typical intake will be the contents of three green containers, one purple, four red, three yellow, one blue, and two orange, but the intake will depend on the formula and the individual’s own personal needs.

This isn’t to say that following this plan those with special needs such as being diabetic can’t adjust the 21 Day Fix nutritional plan to adapt to meet these considerations. To do this the person using the plan will need to modify the diet. The program contains instructions on such modifications.

Need some ideas for your meals ? Here you can find some 21 day fix approved recipes.

meals week calendar

Meals Week Calendar


Free Online Support

As this is a Beachbody product, this program like many from this company has a 24/7 a week support line that can help with issues. Anything that’s not clear in the DVD or in the information that comes with the packet can be explained by calling the help line.

The Importance of the Portion Control

What many people have found through the 21 Day Fix is this gives them a much clearer view of the importance of portion control. In the U.S. and U.K. portion size has become an issue that actually affects the health of many who have lost sight of understanding how much is a “normal portion”. When a soft drink comes in a 30 ounce cup, and “super” size is found on many fast food menus it’s easy to forget the importance of keeping portion to a size the body is able to process for energy, rather than over eating causing the body to store the food for fat. It’s possible to control the amount of food eaten per day without starving or feeling hunger, especially when there’s enough fat burning exercise during the day.

The Work Out is a Plus

The 21 Day Fix is a balance between the portion control containers helping the individual using them keep the amount of calories in check, while the workout helps to burn fat while toning the body.

21 Day Fix is available on Amazon.com.

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    • You need to use the formula in the book to figure out what category you belong in and it will tell you how many of each container you are allowed in a day. None of the plans are just one of each container.

    • well when you buy the set you can put something in each and measure – if they tell you the volume why buy these containers and this program – just saying

      • I am waiting for my items to be delivered…very excited!

        I would like to reply to your “just saying” question…I would have still ordered the colored ones but if we are allowed more than 1 colored container, I would have liked to have been able to buy others containers so I can prepare everything without having to constantly be washing out one of Beach Body’s. I guess I will have to wait until I receive my stuff and then measure before I go and buy more. 🙂

        • Hi Jill,

          Thanks for your comment. You can buy another set of containers like Rubbermaid 24-Piece Food Storage Container Set that is available at amazon.com. Good luck with your journey !

    • If you look them up on amazon, many of the listings tell you the capacity of each container. Looks like purple + green are 1 cup, red is 3/4 cup, yellow and blue are 1/2 cup, orange is 2 Tbsp.

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