I’ve finished 21 Day Fix Now What ?

Firstly, congrats! Finishing the 21 Day Fix was a very important milestone in my life. As a result, I have:

  • changed old, unhealthy habits for new, healthier ones
  • realized the importance of nutrition
  • discovered healthy meals taste good and, afterward, feel so much better
  • learned that, after exercise, you’re tired but rejuvenated and your stress levels go down

What I’ve learned with 21 Day Fix

Eating Plan – Nutrition

For me, this is the most useful part of this fitness program (21 Day Fix Eating Plan). Using the containers, we learn there are different carbs, not all fats are bad and that there are good fats, and that proteins play an important role in our meals. Sugar must be avoided, “5 Healthy Reasons to avoid Sugar”, while fruit and vegetables should be present in most of our meals.

Healthy habits make your life better. Healthier meals make your body feel and look better.

Using container, more about 21 day fix containers here, motivates us to prepare our meals in advance, organize our grocery list, and when going to the supermarket we only buy what we need. This makes losing weight easier.

In just a couple of hours, during our weekends, we can prepare our meals for the whole week, find how I do it here. Using the colored containers, we know how much we should eat in any given day. Healthy snacks, and more 21 day fix approved recipes, play an important part in our daily meals and are useful for helping us avoid cravings and constant snacking.


With only 30 minutes per day you can burn fat, work your muscles, reduce stress, get more energy and stay more focused.

What can you do after 21 Day Fix ? 

  • Do 21 Day Fix again: Start all over, prepare your meals and do the workouts. Repeat for another 20 days and lose even more weight!
  • Start a meal replacement shakes plan. Have you followed Shakeology or a Shakeology alternative? Check my meal replacement shakes plan; this is a very effective way to lose weight by only replacing one of your meals per day (I replace breakfast)
  • Do 21 Day Fix Extreme. Exercises get harder and that extra energy expenditure will increase your weight loss results. More about 21 Day Fix Extreme here.
  • Start a 20 no-sugar days program. No added sugar, sugar free recipes for 20 days. No Sodas, candy bars or cereals. Does it work? I promise, you’ll lose weight and get rid of your sugar addiction!

Which one is the best for you ?

I’ll try to help you by asking you a few questions…

How do you feel about the idea of doing 21 Day Fix again? Do you feel motivated? Go for it! Combine it with my meal replacement shakes plan.

You loved 21 Day Fix and would like to increase the exercise difficulty? 21 Day Fix Extreme is for you. Read my review before you start it.

You liked 21 Day Fix but now you’re looking for a different challenge? Start a meal replacement shakes plan and do the 21-Day Fix exercise plan at the same time.

You are aware of the problems associated with high sugar diets and would like to get rid of your sugar cravings? Start a 20 no sugar days program. Do the 21-Day Fix workouts to exercise your body for faster fat loss.

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Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m so happy that you’re here! I've shared my story here


  1. I hope this helps to motivate those of you who are skeptical about this program. I started the 21 Day Fix Program mid July, 2015. From that time to the end of December, 2015, I lost 40 lbs. Every time I got to the end of 21 days, I started over. It was nice to be able to buy a new wardrobe since I went from a size 12 to a size 6-8. I have been maintaining my weight loss since then by using the 21 Day Fix app on my iphone. It is really easy to follow and the food lists are delicious food. Now that I have re-programmed my brain to eat healthy, it’s not hard to do on a daily basis. Sure, on trips I get a little off course, but I make sure that when I return home I get back on track.
    Believe me, this program really works! Take it from someone that has carried excess weight through having 3 children and am now almost the size I was when I got married 32 years ago! My advice: give it a try.

  2. My question is, do I ever stop the 21 day fix? Like continue to eat healthy but not using the containers? A little worried I will just become tired of doing the plan.
    I do feel motivated to get healthy again and lose weight.

  3. Can you please tell me a good no sugar diet to follow whole doing the 21 day fix exercises. Also how long should you do the 21 day fix before moving on to the extreme? Thank you so much in advance! 🙂

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