3 Day Refresh Program Guide

The continuous development of modern technology has allows society to live in comfort. Although this may initially seem like good news, much of society has become complacent as a result. Throughout the last decade, the world has witnessed society becoming lazier and larger, leading to the emergence of several health concerns. Today, more than 560 million people worldwide are suffering from obesity. As a disease, obesity does not only make you physically unattractive, but it also slowly forces your body to shut down.

Many people try extremely hard to lose unwanted fat and weight. However, most of these people are not getting the help they need. As a result, these people are often met with a frustrating lack of results despite the amount of effort they put into becoming healthier individuals.  In addition, many people who participate in the latest diet fads end up hurting their body rather than helping it.

What these people need is an effective weight loss method that allows their body to return to the right track as well as healthy eating habits. With 3 Day Refresh, you can do just that in only 3 days. Read on to find out more about this incredible plan.

What is it ?


  • Avoiding Liquid Fasts
  • Why a Detox Plan?
  • The 4 Steps of 3 Day Refresh
  • Final Thoughts

Transition to a Healthier Lifestyle – My 3 Day Refresh Review

  • Problems with Other Diets
  • Shakeology and Style
  • A Three Break From Poor Decisions
  • Hydration and My Diet
  • Losing the Bloated Feeling
  • Getting Over the Over Eating Habit
  • Ignoring the Desire to Splurge
  • Keeping with the Steps

Eating Plan

If you’ve heard enough about its amazing results to be interested, but not enough to understand what it can do for you, keep reading. We’ll outline the features and benefits of the program, and even give you an example of a daily meal plan.

  • Breakfast
  • Mid-Morning
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Sticking With the 3-Day Plan

My Results

It’s tough to admit, but I gotta be honest; I’ve been a lazy bum of late with regards to my health- especially with what I’m eating and drinking (especially with what I HAVEN’T been drinking enough of).

I know I had to make some major changes in both my diet and lifestyle, but just couldn’t get myself around to it.

Then I found out about Beachbody’s new 3-day program, called 3-Day Refresh, and thought, ‘what the heck? I need to try something different.’ Check my results.

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day3

3 Day Refresh Recipes

Once you try the 3 day detox, you may decide that you want to lose more weight. That is okay. Just do the same diet the next month for three days. This will assist you in making forever lasting changes to the way you eat and the bonus of losing more weight. Remember, you only do this for three days within a months time. Those three days can be life altering! The smallest things we change in our lives can have the largest impact on us for the long-term. Using this program once a month until you reach your goal is so simple! It is only three days out of a month and you will see the results after your first detox.

Now, let us get to three yummy recipes that will make those three days just fly by!

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