What is 3 Day Refresh ?

People all over are raving about this 3 day diet! In just three days, it is possible to lose an estimated 4 pounds! It also provides a boost in your energy and gives you the willingness to break out of bad food habits.

This 3 day cleansing diet is simple to follow and unlike a lot of other diets on the market, you actually are able to eat real food. Below I will give you three recipes to kick start your detox program. It will include recipes for your dinner, vegetables, fruits, and fats that are healthy for your body.Combining these in your recipes will give you a power boost on your 3 day refresh.

You might be asking, “What exactly is this 3 day refresh diet?  Well, it is only three days out of your week that you will be detoxing your body. It is easy. You will provide your body with a fiber drink, a lot of filtered water, three shakes per day, and three small meals with vegetables and fresh fruits. This is done throughout the day to keep you from wanting to devour that piece of chocolate cake! It also assists in raising your metabolism and your level of energy.

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  1. Teresa McCamish on

    Hi Sarah,
    I have tried numerous ways to download the freebies listed. Could you please email me them. I can not open in pdf or windows format from the website.
    thank you so much
    looking forward to loosing some weight with these tips.

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