My 3 Day Refresh Results

As the name of the program suggests, it’s really just three days-long and heck, even  I can stick to a program for just three days(!). In hindsight, it was great- a fast, clean, rewarding and feel-good break. Not only was I able to burn off a few pounds, in a hurry, but I was also able to break a few of my worst habits for good, find my complete review here.

This is how it works: The 3-Day Refresh program has you drink TONS of filtered water, a fiber drink, plus prepare three daily shakes and serve yourself a heaping from a wide range of fresh fruits and veggies, as well as healthy fats (because let’s not forget- neither is zero fat healthy). This setup ensures that your energy and metabolism are running in fifth gear at optimum speed all day long.

And you know what? I did it- and I sooo love that I stuck to it and thru it to the end! But how did I do it? And how was it?  (NOTE: daily goal is 1,110 calories) :


Day 1

Wake: 10oz. Water with lime

Breakfast: (within 60min of waking dragging myself out of bed) Nice choco-shake and a green apple

Mid-morning snack: Fiber Sweep (was the mid-morn snack each day of the program for me)

Lunch (1hr after snack): 1 veggie (carrots) + 1 fruit (another apple)  + healthy fat (1.5 tbsp almond butter)

Afternoon snack: 2 veggies (lentils & chickpeas)

Dinner: Spinach Salad (tomato/red pepper/cucumber) + Vanilla Refresh Shake (recipes ideas here)

H2O: 1 Gallon

Man, I certainly did not feel satisfied….I had the urge to keep on eating, but in the end, didn’t feel hungry.  However, all that water filled up my stomach and kept my body from running on empty.

Day 2

Wake: 10oz. water with lemon

Breakfast: (within 60min of waking up ) strawberry & banana shake

Mid-morning snack: Fiber Sweep

Lunch (1hr after snack): 2 veggies (peas & corn) + 1 fruit (orange)

Afternoon snack: Chocolate Refresh shake +1 fruit  (banana)

Dinner: Ceasar Salad + Vanilla Refresh Shake

H2O: 1 Gallon

As tempting as the M&M’s at the office and the free brownie on the cafe table were, I somehow managed not to succumb to temptation and stayed true to the program. ‘Hump day’- passed! One more ( $%%#^^&@@!!!  Naaaw, just kiddin’ !) day to go…..

Day 3

Wake: 10oz. water with lemon AND lime

Breakfast: (within 60min of waking up )  banana shake (what can I say? I love bananas); I’m a dancer!

Mid-morning snack: Fiber Sweep

Lunch (1hr after snack): 1 veggie (sweet peas) + 1 fruit (orange)  + 1 healthy fat (1.5 tbsp almond butter)

Afternoon snack: Vanilla Refresh shake +1 fruit  (green apple)

Dinner: Greek Salad + Chocolate Refresh Shake

H2O: 1 Gallon

I did it!!!! Yeee-haw!!!! With minimal exercise and/or physical endurance, I lost 4.3lbs and 2.2in around the waist! Two thumbs-up! Would I do it again? To be honest, I’m not sure. It’s a fact that this program works, but the verdict is still out if it’s the one for me….but it’s DEFINITELY worth giving it a try!

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