My 3 Day Refresh Review

Transition to a Healthier Lifestyle

Everyone develops bad habits and I’m no exception. As the holidays neared I feared reaching a place where bringing my eating habits back into line might become even more difficult. Skipping meals, eating too much when I do get around to lunch or supper is among my worst problems so going back to Shakeology seemed like a good plan. What was especially of interest was the 3 Day Refresh plan is fast. Considering the round of holiday visiting I would be undertaking this seemed like the solution.

Problems with Other Diets

Especially around the holidays I often find myself feeling like a bloated wreck. When I gain a few pounds from not eating right I naturally start to feel bloated. Of course, this should prompt me to start eating correctly, but in reality I find myself not hungry at regular meals. I skip breakfast, have a snack before lunch and eat too much. Then I crash with no energy about midway through the afternoon prompting yet more snacks in order to make it through the rest of the day. Making a clean break with this type of diet program allows me to take off the pounds I’ve gained and get back to healthy eating.

Shakeology and Style

I’ve already tried Beachbody’s Shakeology in the past with good results. This kit comes with six packets of Vanilla Fresh. It’s a great flavor, and is packed with protein. I know from experience that having a source of protein especially plant protein helps to keep my appetite under control. Having this in the form of a shake is also helpful becomes it satisfies hunger while not triggering a desire to eat more. I wasn’t surprised to find this uses the protein found in potatoes as I feel that level of fullness after eating a potato.

A Three Break From Poor Decisions

It’s possible on this plan to avoid the decisions, which for me often lead to wheeling and dealing inside my own head. With the 3 Day Refresh I could select the amount of calories I wanted to stick to with consistency, and not finding myself wavering as I wondered whether a certain favored choice would put me over the edge. This plan gives me a grocery list to go by, and this takes cuts down on the time it takes me to put what I need together.

Hydration and My Diet

For me one of the biggest problems is remaining hydrated whether I’m on a diet or not. I know now, that one of my triggers for over eating is thirst. I grab a snack and a drink rather than simply the drink. When I’m on a diet or watching my weight I avoid the kitchen and consequently I face the typical symptoms such as a headache, feeling tired, or becoming edgy. With the menu planner and recipes for fresh pressed juices I found remaining hydrated was also easier. A reminder to drink at least eight glasses of water is also helpful.

Losing the Bloated Feeling

The other drink in the program is called Fiber Sweep. This contains vitamins and nutrients along with natural fiber. My initial concern was this would be too strong for me, but on reading up on it I found this is a natural and gentle. It uses a blend of whole ground flax, chia, and psyllium seed husks. This drink helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. This also reduces the headachy feeling that comes with dieting. Many people hate dieting because of these types of symptoms, but the fact is that as long as blood sugar levels are normal, and there’s enough hydration these problems don’t manifest. Having natural fiber also decreases the bloated feeling I’ve developed from poor diet choices. The combination leaves me feeling lighter immediately without many of the negatives you find on those ‘crash diets’ that don’t offer real nutrition.

Getting Over the Over Eating Habit

Most people I interact with are used to eating large portions. The trouble with this is my body loses the ability to send signals letting me know I’ve eaten enough. I eat a normal portion, and because I don’t realize I’m full I still want more. Sticking to this plan for three days helps me get back to eating portions of the correct size.

Ignoring the Desire to Splurge

Having a very precisely detailed, but easy diet to follow makes the plan simple. Sticking to it does take will power. Naturally, the first day someone in the office had a birthday and a cake was brought in, so the sight of my biggest personal weakness tortured me. Still, I stuck to the plan. The fact it wasn’t complicated to the point I was frustrated was the biggest plus for me since frustration is already a downside of eating less.

Keeping with the Steps

The morning starts easily with 10 ounces of water and lemon. If like me the taste of water alone isn’t very appetizing having a big glass with the lemon added, and a few cubes of ice is a good way to wake up. The breakfast with vanilla shake was filling, and gave me plenty of energy.  The Fiber Sweep allowed me to bypass the cake, as I felt full. I decided to eat lunch alone read a book while having the measured portions of veggies, fruits, and protein dip I brought from home. It was a peaceful afternoon from me, so I felt clearer in both mind and body when I returned to work. The snake of a veggie and a bit more of the low calorie protein dip I had got me through the day even when having to work a bit late. For my supper I had the vegan chocolate refresh shake and the prescribed amount of salad. Throughout the day I remembered to stay hydrated with water and avoid the temptation of drinking soda. Colas can be tasty, but even diet drinks cause dehydration and bloating. With the first day out of the way the next went smooth, and I found I’d lost both the weight I wanted to take off, and just as importantly I felt energized. I’m ready for the rounds of holiday visits without overdoing it.

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