Why I prefer Shakeology alternatives

After a few unsuccessful diets, I finally tried meal replacement shakes for weight loss. Up until that point, I was very skeptical about this kind of diet and thought it was nothing more than a fad. However, after trying them for a few weeks, I came to realize that meal replacement shakes are actually a very easy and effective way to lose weight.

With meal replacement shakes, you simply swap one or two of your regular meals per day with a low-calorie shake. The shakes themselves are nutritionally complete and contain protein, healthy fats, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. Some also contain natural appetite suppressants, and they also contain a few grams of slow-acting carbs.

This all adds up to a filling meal that, despite being low in calories, provides your body with all it needs – not just for weight loss but for health too.

The first weight loss meal replacement shakes I used were from Shakeology – one of the leading manufacturers of this type of product. These shakes taste pretty good, contain good quality ingredients, and are easy to use. You can read about my Shakeology experience in this article – My personal experience with Shakeology.

Like almost everyone who uses Shakeology, I lost weight, regained lost energy, and felt great. They really did work. But, while I liked Shakeology, I didn’t love it – and that was mainly because of the price. Shakeology are market leaders in weight loss shakes, but that is represented in the cost, being amongst the most expensive on the market.

It was because of this that I decided to do some research and track down some great Shakeology alternatives, that was just as good quality, but cost less money. After all, losing weight can take a long time if you have a lot to lose, and so most of us want to save money, and not spend it unnecessarily. I also looked into making my own meal replacement shakes, and you can find my recipes on this page.

It turns out that, as good as Shakeology is, there are plenty of other companies making equally good but cheaper products, and I really encourage you to try them.

I still believe that meal replacement shakes are one of the best ways to lose weight around, but you don’t need to use Shakeology if you don’t want to.

As well as using meal replacement shakes, if you want to lose weight and keep it off for good, you also need to learn how to prepare your own low calorie, healthy meals, and include more exercise in your life. Cutting down on sugar will help too, as will differentiating between good and bad carbs.

The shakes definitely help but, if you go back to your old diet after you’ve finished with them, you’ll just regain all the weight you have lost. That’s why I have published lots of recipes to make healthy eating as easy as possible. Make sure you check them out!

I’m also a HUGE fan of slow cooking. Slow cookers make healthy eating almost as easy as meal replacement shakes. You can learn more about this great, healthy topic on my slow cooker page. I’ve got recipes, tips, and product reviews for you there.

If you want to lose weight, and make healthy eating as easy as possible, I have no hesitation to recommend meal replacement shakes for weight loss. But, even the best shakes are not enough if you don’t create healthy habits like cooking your own meals, quitting sugar, and exercising regularly. Losing weight is a lifestyle, and not just a short-term diet – even if that diet is Shakeology or one of the great alternatives now available.

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