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Update: is not selling Shakeology anymore. Honestly, I’ve used one time shakeology (I share my experience in this article) but I’ve moved to cheaper and as efficient solutions. You can find my shakeology alternatives on the popular article  “Shakeology Alternatives”

When it comes to meal replacement options that help you lose weight and melt fat you’re going to be swimming in choices. However, although all the different choices that you’ll have to pick and select from, none of them are anywhere near as popular as the Shakeology system.

Designed and developed from the ground up by the legendary weight loss company Beachbody (the people responsible for P90 X3, Insanity, and The 21 Day Fix – amongst others), Shakeology is exactly the kind of hands-free weight loss solution that people are looking for today.

Maybe one of the most intelligently designed the replacement solutions you’ll come across (at least from a nutritional angle), the Shakeology gives you everything you need to kick your body into high gear so that you start melting fat almost immediately.

Killer “1-2” Punch – The 21 Day Fix and Shakeology together

Of course, while the Shakeology system produces fantastic results all on its own, when used in conjunction with another Beach Bodies product Body weight loss program – 21 Day Fix eating plan here – you’re going to be able to put your results into overdrive.

The 21 Day Fix is a full on weight loss program (including daily workout DVDs, a nutrition manual that can be tailored to any diet or body type, and meal plan containers that take the guesswork out of dieting once and for all), but it still relies on you not only working out every day for 21 days but also cooking each and every meal you weeks.

That’s what makes using Shakeology with 21 Day Fix so attractive! You’ll be able to use this meal replacement program in place of some of the dinners or lunches that you would have had to cook all on your own, speeding things up significantly without slowing down your progress. I’ve shared my plan to lose weight with meal replacement shakes here.

Quick Shakeology with The 21 Day Fix review

How do I know that the Shakeology system “plays nicely” with The 21 Day Fix?

Because I’ve used both programs in the past to jumpstart my weight loss journey and drop it incredible amount of weight in record time. I was a little bit nervous about taking advantage of both of these programs at the same time, but only because I’d tried multiple programs and diets in the past together and just didn’t get the kind of results that I was honestly expecting.

Looking back, I now realize that’s because the programs that I was trying to combine all on my own weren’t designed to work together, but instead were both taking completely different approaches to weight loss and were in effect canceling each other out.

I’d read that both of these programs could be used with one another without conflicting, but I went another step further. I actually contacted customer service and support at Beach Body to make sure that these two would actually play nicely with one another, and was more than happy to hear that not only were they perfect matches for one another, but thousands of people had done exactly what I was hoping to do – combine them to speed up weight loss dramatically – and the results had been nothing less than spectacular!

That was really everything that I needed to know before I placed my order, and I grabbed both of these programs (the Shakeology starter kit and the complete version of 21 Day Fix) and use them exactly as described. My weight loss results speak for themselves, and I cannot recommend using these two programs together any more aggressively than I am right now!

These proven methods are the real deal!

Instead of having to spend a foolish amount of time in the kitchen prepping and cooking meals, I was able to get all of the vitamins and minerals I needed – not to mention the exact amount of calories necessary to keep myself on track – all in a single Shakeology shake. These things really are the real deal, and are going to be a big part of every weight loss journey I ever have to go on from here on out.

On top of that, I found them incredibly convenient to pop open and consume in the morning when I just didn’t have time to whip up a quick breakfast, and they were just as important late at night when (because of work) I was forced to skip out on a regular dinner.

All of the recipes were really tasty, more meal replacement shakes recipes here, and there were more than enough recipes to keep this program from ever getting boring or repetitive. I also like the Shakeology powder a lot more than I thought I was going to and don’t find it at all off putting if I make a shake with nothing more than the powder as the main ingredient!

Of course, some people are going to find that this program is a little bit more expensive, looking for cheaper alternatives ? I’ve shared my recommendations, than they thought it was going to be, but honestly that shouldn’t be that much of a problem for most. When you look at it as a true meal replacement plan and realize that it would have cost you anywhere between $7 and $25 (or more) to prepare that meal on your own or eat out at a restaurant you’ll realize that it’s more of a bargain than you might have considered.

There’s a reason why I’ve become a bit of a “travelling salesman” for these two Beachbody programs, and it has everything to do with the results that I was able to enjoy by putting these two programs together. I know I would have been able to get fantastic results if I’d used either program all on their own (because I’ve tried it that way to just to make sure that I wasn’t slowing my weight loss down), but when I was able to combine them together things really came together in ways I simply wouldn’t have been able to imagine before.

These two are pretty powerful weight loss solutions all on their own, but when you slap them together, the real magic happens!

Though I cannot reasonably tell you exactly how much weight you’re going to be able to lose when you combine these two programs together, I can tell you that it’s one of the most effortless ways to speed up your weight loss results and put your body recomposition journey almost on autopilot.

Price point

Update: is not selling Shakeology anymore. My recommended Shakeology Alternatives.

There are going to be a lot of different places that offer Shakeology, but you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to grab the deal offered on

You’ll be able to snap up 30 servings for just $129.95 when you shop on, and that’s without having to worry about any coupon codes, any promotions, or any other discounts of any kind. That’s the “every day price”.

Here’s what you’ll need to get going with Shakeology

To get you jumpstarted with the Shakeology program you’re only going to need to take advantage of the Shakeology powder itself, the ingredients contained within the recipes that you’re going to be tackling on a regular basis, and a rock solid blender.

Thanks to the included recipe book that comes with every single Shakeology purchase, you’re going to have more recipes to pick and choose from than you know what to do with. This means that you’ll be able to find recipes that you really think you’ll enjoy, as well as understand the building blocks behind these recipes and what makes them work so that you’re able to create your own!

The Magic Bullet makes life a lot easier

You’re going to want to make sure that you have a high quality blender to crank out all of the shakes that you’re going to be making, and none are as good as the Magic Bullet.

Consistently regarded as one of the best –under $100 – blender on the planet today (especially for single serving shakes like the ones that you’re going to be making), the Magic Bullet has everything that you’re looking for and then some. I’ve 2 more recommendations for the best blenders for smoothies under $200 here.

Powerful, portable, and easy to clean up without any real extra effort whatsoever, the Magic Bullet, available on, is the perfect partner for everyone diving headfirst into the world of Shakeology!

Not only that, but you’re going to be able to blend everything up in the chamber of your new blender and then turn it upside down, pop it open, and drink it without having to get any other cups or mugs dirty.

It really doesn’t get much better than that!

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