Why I love meal replacement shakes

Over the years, I have tried lots for different diets in an effort to lose weight and get healthy. But, like a lot of you reading this, I’ve only managed to stick to any new diet for week or two, and then I’ve fallen off the wagon!

Without exception, I’ve found almost all diets to be too complicated, too boring, too expensive, or too time-consuming for long-term use. And, of course, if a diet is going to work, you can’t just do it for a day, a week, or a month – it needs to become a habit.

Out of desperation, and after several friends it suggested to me, I decided to give meal replacement shakes a try and, boy, am I glad I did! You can read more about this decision in my article Why I lost weight with meal replacement shakes.

I like cooking, but I seldom have time to create healthy meals because I am usually too busy rushing to work, meeting friends, or doing something else. That’s why diets with complicated or time-consuming recipes really don’t work for me.

But, with meal replacement shakes, I know I can make a weight loss meal in two minutes or less. This means I have no excuses for breaking my diet and, no matter how busy I am, I can always whip up a healthy meal that will help me on my weight loss journey.

At first, I used Shakeology meal replacement shakes, as it’s a very popular and well-regarded product. But, after a while, I decided to try some Shakeology alternatives, and even make my own.

Armed with nothing more than my trusty blender, and a cupboard full of healthy ingredients, I experimented and tried lots of different recipes, many of which you can find in the recipe section of Days to Fitness.

Meal replacement shakes make eating healthily so easy, and that is what helps you to create life-long habits. Because you can whip a shake in a couple of minutes, most of the old barriers to eating healthily just disappear. You don’t need to be able to cook, and nor do you need a really well-equipped kitchen. You just toss your ingredients into your blender and blitz them for 30-60 seconds and you’re ready to go. And, even better, there is hardly any washing up to do either!

When things are this easy, you’ll quickly find that you can create healthy habits that last you a lifetime.

For me, it was easiest to have a meal replacement shake for breakfast. As I got up, I just threw the ingredients in my blender, and then drank my smoothie on my way to work. This became my daily habit. Then, if I was tired or late getting home at night, I created the habit of having a meal replacement shake for dinner too. I soon realized that this was quicker and easier than getting a fattening, unhealthy takeout.

Of course, to make good meal replacement shakes, you really need a blender. Meal replacement shake powders can be made using nothing more than a shaker cup, but a blender is essential if you want to make your own recipes. In my article Choosing the best blender for smoothies, I explain what to look for in a blender, so you can get the best product for your budget and your needs.

Since using meal replacements for weight loss, I’ve regained my figure, I don’t experience so many hunger pangs, I get less bloating, fewer headaches, and I feel great. I’ve got lots of energy, but don’t get the energy crashes that I used to suffer from in the past. I average 1-2 shakes per day, depending on how busy I am. I try and eat plenty of natural, homemade food too, but sometimes life just gets in the way and I have a meal replacement shake instead.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off forever, why not try meal replacement shakes for yourself. You can read all about this great way to lose weight in this article.

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