What is your all-time favorite meal replacement shake recipe?

I’ve had lots of favorite smoothies over the years. I’ve been lucky enough to discover some great recipes and, now and then, I find one that I really fall I love with and enjoy making over and over again. Then, after a few weeks, I find another one and fall in love with that one instead!

The truth is, I like most meal replacement shakes, both homemade and commercial (my favorites listed and explained here), and I also like protein bars too (my favorites here). I enjoy making my own because, that way, I have complete control over the ingredients and the taste.

I also like to “tweak” existing recipes to hopefully improve them, but that doesn’t always work out so well. Green superfoods often end up in my shakes, but they don’t always taste so great. I was recently reading about the health benefits of turmeric and how it was a very effective anti-inflammatory, so I tossed some into a fruit smoothie. Turmeric tastes like curry so, as you can imagine, this experiment didn’t go so well!

Commercial shakes are good because they are convenient – just add water, shake ‘em up, and drink them; simple! But some taste better than others. You can always add things to make a commercial shake taste better but then, sometimes, if you do that you might as well make one from scratch.

For me, a good meal replacement shake needs four things:

  1. A source of protein
  2. A source of healthy carbs
  3. A source of healthy fat
  4. A source of fiber

And it should taste good! There is no point making a meal replacement shake and then discovering it tastes terrible and that you can’t or don’t want to finish it.

That’s why I make a note of the recipes I’ve tried, and that worked well, and the ones that weren’t so successful. I always share my best recipes on Days to Fitness.

But, you asked me what my favorite meal replacement shake recipe was, and I think I have an answer: a mocha, banana, and peanut butter shake. Why this one? It’s tasty, filling, and puts me in a great mood when I have it for breakfast. Here’s how you make it!

You’ll need:

  • 1 scoop IdealShake Meal Replacement Shake – mocha flavor (available at official site)
  • One small, ripe banana
  • 1-2 teaspoons of instant coffee
  • One teaspoon of peanut or almond butter
  • 8 oz. water
  • 2-3 ice cubes

Toss all the ingredients into your blender and blast them for 30-60 seconds. Pour into a tall glass and drink immediately. Yum!

This is MY favorite meal replacement shake recipe; why not tell me yours?

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