5 Simple Superfood Powder Drink Recipes

I love superfood powder; it’s a convenient way to get more superfood nutrients into your diet without having to consume an endless number of whole superfoods. Normally, I add superfoods to my smoothies but, sometimes I keep things super-simple and add my superfood powder to just one form of liquid. This helps me to save calories and also save time – important in the morning when I’m rushing to get to work! Here are five of my favorite simple and quick superfood powder drinks. I love them and I’m sure you will too…

1. Superfood powder and orange juice

orange juice with superfood powder

Fresh orange juice, not made from concentrate, is loaded with vitamin C and fiber. Its naturally sweet taste helps cover the sometimes bitter taste of the superfood
powder and makes for a very refreshing drink. Buy premium, freshly squeezed orange juice or, better still, make your own from fresh, organic oranges; you’ll probably need two medium oranges to make a good-sized glass of OJ.

Just put your juice and a scoop of your favorite superfood powder, my personal recommendations on my recent article “The Best Superfood Powder“,  in a blender and whizz up for 30 seconds. Alternately, use a shaker cup.

2. Superfood powder and almond milk

superfood powder and almond milk


Creamy and high in protein, almond milk makes for a great smoothie ingredient but is also an ideal base for a quick and easy superfood powder drink. You can use sweetened or unsweetened almond milk as you prefer but unsweetened will contain fewer calories. If you prefer, use soya milk, rice milk, or oat milk instead.

Add one scoop of superfood powder (I prefer Green Superfood by Amazing Grass, I explain here) to around one cup of almond milk and then blend until the powder is fully combined with the liquid. Almond milk is lactose free which means it’s ideal for people with an allergy to dairy.

3. Superfood powder and chocolate milk

superfood powder and chocolate milk drink

As a kid, I used to love chocolate milk. Now I’m an adult, I still enjoy the occasional glass – especially after exercise. It’s high in protein and tastes awesome but it’s not exactly healthy! That all changes when you toss in a serving of amazing grass green superfood (my review here). Now I can have my chocolate milk fix but also get my daily superfood dose!

Buy a single-size carton or bottle of your favorite chocolate milk. Remove the lid but keep it – you’ll need that in a minute. Add a scoop of your superfood powder and then put the lid back on. Shake vigorously for 30-seconds and then drink. You may need to re-shake your milk from time to time as any undissolved superfood powder will sink to the bottom.

4. Superfood powder and pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice is not only delicious and refreshing, it is a superfood in its own right! Pomegranate juice is a serious source of antioxidants and vitamins and makes your superfood drink even more super. Look for unsweetened pomegranate juice to avoid consuming too much sugar. If possible, make your own.

Take a glass of chilled pomegranate juice and add one scoop of your superfood powder (I use amazing grass green superfood, why it’s my favorite? explained here). Mix thoroughly using a blender or a shaker cup. Drink immediately before any undissolved superfood powder sinks to the bottom of your glass.

5. Superfood powder with warm water and raw honey 

green superfood drink with warm water and honey

If you normally drink tea or coffee in the morning, try this drink instead. It’ll give you energy without caffeine and it tastes sweet too. Raw honey is also a superfood so this drink is a real double-whammy!

Boil some water and then half-fill a cup. Top up the rest of the cup with cold water. Why? because too much heat will effectively “kill” your superfood powder. Add a serving of your favorite superfood powder (my recommendations at “Best Superfood Powder” and a teaspoon of runny raw honey. Mix well and then enjoy!

best superfood powder article cover

My personal recommendations here

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