Sugar Free Dessert Recipes

Baked coconut milk custards

Baked coconut milk custardsLow on sugar, no added sugar, made with coconut milk and cocoa powder and stevia as a natural sweetener. This a nice no sugar dessert perfect for your no sugar diet. Recipe here.





20 No-Sugar Days Challenge

20 no sugar days challenge by days to fitnessNote: I highly recommend you to avoid sugar for some days so you can feel the benefits. I’ve lost weight, I’ve got more focus and my energy levels are much higher. I’ve created a 100% Free Challenge so all of you can join me and experience the benefits by yourself. Join my 20 No-Sugar Days Challenge here.

Tofu protein chocolate pudding

Tofu protein chocolate puddingA high protein pudding made from tofu. A perfect solution for your sugar cravings without any added sugar. Experience new desserts and find healthy alternatives sugar free. Recipe here.




Baked strawberry cheesecake

Baked strawberry cheesecakeCheesecake lovers, here is a no added sugar alternative for your no sugar diet. It’s lighter and much more healthier than the traditional high sugar cheesecake. Give it a try and feel how you and your body prefer this alternative. Complete recipe here.



Very berry oatmeal pancakes

no sugar oatmeal pancakesPancakes are also tasty without sugar. Follow this recipe and reinvent your pancakes, going for a no added sugar alternative. Healthier and suitable for everybody. Oatmeal sugar free pancakes recipe.



Quick chocolate sponge cake

Quick chocolate sponge cakeMost traditional cakes contain a lot of fat and sugar, this is a quick and easy alternative. Gluten free, low fat and sugar. Easy and quick to do, it’s a sugar alternative for your dessert. No sugar chocolate cake recipe here.


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