Is a Smoothie Blender a Nice Gift ? 

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know what a HUGE fan of fitness and healthy eating I am – especially smoothies. I’ve written a lot about smoothies and have even written and published smoothie recipes. I think they are a great way to eat more fruit and vegetables, are a terrific weight loss tool, and are fun for kids and adults too.

While a lot of my friends are also interested in health and fitness, a few aren’t and I often wonder how I could help them change their minds. After all, if my friends are healthy it’s good for them and good for me!

I drop hints to them about how a little exercise and eating more healthily would make them feel happier and lose weight but sometimes my advice just falls on deaf ears.

Oster VERSA Pro

Oster Versa 1400-watt Blender

My Gift to Julie

My best friend Julie has been talking to me about eating more healthily lately but has never quite made the start and so, as it was her 10-year wedding anniversary on the 14th of August, I decided to help he make the decision to do something about her diet by giving her a Oster Versa Pro blender as a gift (I bought at, which is my number one recommendation for blenders under $250.00.

I was curious about what her response was going to be but when she wrote to me to tell me how much she LOVED her new blender, I asked her if it would be okay if I shared her words on my blog. She was more than happy for me to do this so here, in Julie’s own words, is what she made of her new Oster Versa Pro.

Julie’s Email

“Hey Sarah! I just wanted to say thanks for our awesome gift. I’ve been thinking about buying a blender for ages and trying some of your yummy-looking healthy smoothie recipes but never got around to it. With your present, I really don’t have an excuse not to start eating healthily, do I?!

So, out of the box, I have to say the Oster Versa Pro blender looks awesome. I can’t believe this isn’t a professional model blender. It looks really modern and has a great solid feel to it – really good quality. And while it does have plenty of useful functions, it’s also really easy to use. The instruction manual is very comprehensive but, to be honest, it’s so simple that you hardly need to read it.

The jug, pitcher, or whatever you call it is nice and big and made of BPA-free plastic so it’s easy to clean and virtually unbreakable; perfect for clumsy-old me! It’s so big I can make smoothies for all the family at the same time so it’s perfect for when we’re all in a hurry first thing in the morning.

When I’ve had smoothies at Starbucks, I’ve always thought their machines were really noisy so I was a little worried that when I used your present for the first time it’d wake up the neighbors but, even though it’s a big 1,400-watt motor, it’s actually not that noisy. But, all that power means it blends pretty much anything I want to put into a smoothie and crushes ice really well.

 I’ve gone from thinking fruit and vegetables are “blah” to fruits and vegetables are awesome and I’m trying new ones every day.

At first, I was not too sure what I was going to make in it but then I remembered you told me about the recipe pages on your website so I looked you up (great site by the way!) and tried the Mango and Avocado smoothie as I really liked the sound of that one.

I followed your directions to the letter and my smoothie was ready in seconds – it was so easy. It made me wonder why I didn’t buy a blender ages ago! And delicious? You bet! I can’t believe my friend is such an awesome recipe writer. So, you’ll be glad to hear, I’ve gone from thinking fruit and vegetables are “blah” to fruits and vegetables are awesome and I’m trying new ones every day.

Of course, now the kids love smoothies too. I’ve never known them to enjoy fruit and vegetables so much. In the past, they’ve really turned their noses up at fruit and vegetables – like so many kids do. But now they actually ASK me to make them a smoothie so it’s healthy eating in disguise.

Even Rich (that’s her husband!) is getting into smoothies and has one when he gets home late from work or the gym. He really likes your protein shake recipes.

With the whole family using the blender, you’d think I’d get left to do the washing up but because it’s so easy to clean – just half fill it with water and run it for 30-seconds – even the kids clean up after themselves leaving me free to binge watch Orange is the New Black! Have you seen the 4th series yet? Awesome TV but I’m really glad I’m not in prison!

Anyway, we all love the Oster Versa Pro blender, Available at, and it’s getting lots and lots of use. I finally “get” why you are so enthusiastic about these things. Thanks so much for what has turned out to be an awesome present and I hope you’ll make it up here soon for a visit so I can make you a smoothie. Maybe I’ll even let you take me for a run too; just promise to go slow!

See you soon sweetie,

Love Julie, Rich, and the kids.”

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