I’m pregnant – Are meal replacement shakes safe for me?

Pregnancy is an amazing process. Over the course of nine months, your body constantly changes as a new life grows inside you. Your body adapts and changes as the baby develops and all these changes are dramatic!

One of the most noticeable changes is weight gain. Women gain differing amounts of weight, but the average is between 25-35 pounds although underweight moms-to-be are encouraged to gain 28-40 while overweight moms should only gain 15-25 during their pregnancy.

This weight gain is essential for both the mother’s and the baby’s health and is made up of fluid, fat, and baby weight.

However, pregnancy should not be used as an excuse to gain lots of excess weight. Some people think that they should “eat for two” when, in reality, the baby doesn’t need an enormous number of extra calories and food to grow. In fact, a very fat and overweight baby could make the delivery harder. And remember, excess weight gained during pregnancy will have to be lost once the baby is born.

To ensure that you gain enough weight but not too much, it is crucial that you eat healthily and provide your body will all the nutrients and energy it needs. One way to achieve this is to consume meal replacement shakes. Meal replacement shakes are high in nutrients but relatively low in calories and contain plenty of essential protein.

However, it’s important to understand that not all commercial meal replacement shakes are safe for use during pregnancy, so it’s best to make your own so that you know exactly what you are consuming. Make sure your shakes contain nothing other than natural ingredients rather than the chemicals and artificial ingredients sometimes found in commercial products.

To start your day off right, why not have a healthy meal replacement shake for breakfast? You should find this is easy to digest and perfect for when you are suffering morning sickness.

Make sure you discuss your intention to use meal replacement shakes with your OBGYN or your doctor. They’ll probably be supportive, but it’s best to let them know in case they want you to include or avoid any specific ingredients.

Once you have given birth and you have recovered, you can also use meal replacement shakes to help you lose your baby weight. Again, make sure you use homemade shakes, especially if you are breastfeeding.

You can find my favorite meal shakes at my article The Best Meal Replacement Shakes.


Meal replacement shakes should be safe to use during pregnancy but make sure you discuss your intention to use them with your doctor.

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