Motivation is the Key to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

How do you find your motivation?

All you have to do is find something that matters enough to you to throw the balance back in your favor. Have you ever lost 20 pounds before attending a wedding that you knew an old boyfriend was going to be present at? Every time you went to eat something you shouldn’t have, or really wanted to skip a workout, you got a picture in your mind of how you wanted to look walking into that wedding. That became stronger than sleeping in or eating a donut with your coffee.

While it may sound as though you were doing it to impress someone else, what it really boils down to is your own impression of yourself. You were doing it for you so that your outside matched how good you feel about yourself on the inside. Taking good care of yourself is something we should always make a top priority but instead of making time for ourselves first we sacrifice ourselves to time restraints.

When you fail to plan you plan to fail

Even though this saying sounds trite, it is a simple fact. If you stash your running shoes in your car you can slip them on for a quick walk. When you pack your lunch the night before you won’t resort to a vending machine or fast food restaurant for your lunch choices. Besides helping with your dedication, being prepared helps you to feel in charge of your life. There is always room for spontaneity, but when you have a plan at least you know you can get right back on track and stay in charge. You don’t pack up a suitcase and go on vacation without knowing where you are going so why leave everything to chance when trying to achieve your fitness and diet goals?

Set up a reward system

If you want a way to boost your impetus you may want to set up a reward system. You can start small and your confidence will begin to build as you achieve each goal you set. Little steps add up and pretty soon instead of just a 15 minute walk you will be up to a 30 minute walk. Many people who begin a diet and fitness plan and begin to lose weight and feel better end up entering their first marathon or even become a personal trainer in order to help others achieve their goals.

When you set a goal, attach a reward that means something to you. Make it something you would enjoy and that would serve as a testament of a goal that has been reached. A new cologne or perfume, a fashion or sports magazine, and even a quick stop with your friends after work for a specialty coffee or lite beer would make you feel as if you earned it.

The best thing about following through is it builds momentum. Enthusiasm is all smoke and mirrors while motivation is actually hitting the gym and bringing those veggies and dip for a snack at work. And as your body responds and begins to feel healthier and stronger every day, you will hit a point where you will almost be on autopilot and lean towards a better way to treat yourself as the new normal.

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