Best Fitness Motivational Books

While books of this type will vary, the best ones have the power to energize readers via plenty of pure and powerful motivation. The best way to find the books that are right for you is to do some homework and research online. For example, check out the New York Times bestseller list – is there anything interesting on there? Check my top motivational books in the next section of this article

Another strategy is to go to a book-based social media platform, such as Goodreads, and then have a look around. Just add the search term, “motivation books for fitness” into the internal search engine and see what pops up. Looking at reviews from real-life readers should help you to discover the most promising books.

In general, you should buy books like this from authors who have proven track records in the fitness industry or the sports world. After all, you’ll want to be motivated by real experts, rather than posers. For example, if you’re interested in lifting weights in order to get fit, look for a motivational fitness book from a pro bodybuilder. No matter what niche of fitness you’re interested in, from Yoga to Pilates to Aerobics and beyond, you’ll find that there is a book written by an expert in that field. This is one clever way to comparison-shop for something which will be perfect for your needs.

However, you certainly don’t need to limit yourself. It is possible to enjoy a motivation book for fitness, even if it’s not related to your specific sport or activity of interest. General fitness motivation books are out there and these will work for anyone who wants to build a better body and better health via workouts, clean eating and so on.

These books exist in order to help you achieve your fitness goals. Reading them will help you to keep going with your workouts and meal plans. For this reason, they are valuable resources and they are usually quite inexpensive as well.

So, why not find the perfect motivation books for fitness today?

Best Motivational Books

Is Fitness Confidential the Right Book for You?

fitness confidential bookFitness Confidential, at is a hot new book by Vinnie Tortorich, who is known for his irreverent and decidedly “insider” views on the fitness industry. This fun read is packed with hilarious and ultra-honest revelations about the fitness world and it’s also a great motivational tool for anyone who wants to get fit.

While this memoir and motivational fitness book may not be for everyone, due to its salty language and its no-holds-barred attitude, it’s perfect for those who seek out fitness motivation, as well as a few chuckles and quite a bit of truly remarkable insight…

Vinnie trains some equally-humorous Hollywood celebs, including game show host and comedian, Howie Mandel, and he knows exactly how to get these VIP clients into amazing shape!

When you purchase Fitness Confidential, you’ll learn all of Tortorich’s secrets and you’ll be able to find the drive and determination which will be needed in order to develop your very best body. 

Examples of helpful tips that you’ll find in this book include which piece of fitness equipment is best to purchase, how to lose weight as quickly as possible and why you should be wary of some health club membership offers. Once you’ve absorbed all of the facts in this interesting book, you’ll be armed with knowledge which helps you to become the fittest person that you can be.

In addition, you’ll find that this funny book is just a pleasure to read. It’s written by someone with tons of fitness experience, a unique mindset, and plenty of success under his belt.

You deserve a great fitness motivation book which isn’t too expensive and which is a fast and exciting read. This book is good enough to read over and over again, whenever you need a laugh or want to hone your own motivation. For this reason, Fitness Confidential is highly-recommended.

Strength Training Anatomy, 3rd Edition is an Invaluable Fitness Book

Strength Training Anatomy, 3rd Edition is an Invaluable Fitness BookIf you’re interested in bodybuilding, you’ll find that learning how the muscles respond to physical activity is very useful and fulfilling. This information will be at your fingertips when you choose Strength Training Anatomy, 3rd Edition, available on This book was written by notable expert, Frederic Delavier and it’s designed to help you learn the very best stretches, exercises and poses for truly superior muscle development.

Since the book includes plenty of educational, easy-to-read text, plus illustrations and pictures, it’s definitely a must-read!

Delavier’s exhaustive knowledge of anatomy makes this book more enriching and educational than most books of its type. He simply knows more about the science of muscle development and it really shows in his work. This book comes with six hundred illustrations and these wonderful illustrations will help you to understand how muscles interact with other body parts and body systems. Delavier is a fitness and anatomy expert and he’s also the illustrator of this book. His knowledge is deep, profound and designed to help you get superlative results from training.

If you want to discover the best strategies for premium muscle development, which will help you to avoid wasting time in the gym, you’ll find that this affordable book is a great investment. When you read it, you’ll discover how an array of set-up positions will affect the recruitment of muscles and highlight the structures underneath.

In addition, this fitness book offers practical information about typical injuries from strength training and how to avoid them.

This is an authority resource from a respected illustrator and fitness journalist. Since some fitness books don’t offer anything but opinions, this book really stands out. It’s designed to provide information that any bodybuilder of any skill level may utilize for a lifetime. So, why not treat yourself to this book today? Order at

Discover You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises

You Are Your Own GymSome fitness books are written by wannabe experts who just don’t have the experience and credentials that they should have. This fitness book is different. Since You Are Your Own Gym, available at, is written by respected personal trainer, Mark Lauren, who prepared Special Ops troops for their duties, it’s really something special. If you want to learn the most streamlined and effective ways to get lean, honed and ripped, you’ll find that this book is the key to unlocking your best body ever!

Designed to benefit men and women alike, this impressive book is affordable and it’s loaded with exercises which don’t require the usage of fitness equipment. These exercises use your body’s own resistance in order to deliver fat-busting and muscle-building results. For this reason, they are exercises that you may perform almost anywhere for the rest of your life. The things that you learn from Mark Lauren while reading this book will stay with you forever.

In addition to the most impressive resistance workout around, which is Special Operations-approved, you’ll also access the most caring, sensible and educated nutrition advice. Workouts from this book will take only half an hour to perform and diet tips will help you to avoid short-circuiting your fitness efforts with the wrong foods and quantities.

Stop wasting money on expensive gym memberships and fitness gear. Go back to basics by learning the principles of resistance exercise. Once you’ve gotten this book for yourself, you’ll find that getting incredibly fit is just about motivation. Lauren maps out everything for you, which will make it possible for you to get fit at home, while you’re away on business or wherever you happen to be.

Available on, this highly-rated book offers the practical assistance that people need and want and it’s also a great read.

Learn about the Bigger Leaner Stronger Fitness Book

Bigger Leaner Stronger Fitness book coverIf you’re a guy who wants to develop his body through training, you’ll find that ordering the Bigger Leaner Stronger fitness book is the key to success. This guide to building the ultimate male body earns glowing accolades from real-life men all over the world, because its principles, exercises and tips really deliver.

Available in print, e-book and audio versions (on , this impressive book was written by Michael Matthews and it’s an affordable way to discover all of the most impressive and useful secrets of getting lean and ripped.

This book is all about mastering the art and science of building plenty of lean and sexy muscle! To date, over one hundred thousand copies have been sold and sales are still going strong.

When you read this book, you’ll discover that you don’t need to spend tons of hard-earned money in order to get results from fitness and nutrition. The common-sense strategies found in this book will allow you to get excellent results during short, targeted workouts. You won’t need risky steroid injections, costly supplements or anything but a little drive and determination. So, this book offers a wonderful template for getting fit the safe and healthy way.

This book includes the only workout that you’ll ever need, as well as amazing tips on how to avoid some of the biggest fitness pitfalls. It’s well-written, engaging and designed to give you the knowledge, care and support that you need. In addition, this book will act as a powerful motivational tool, which keeps your desire to work out (and to change your body for the better!) at its peak.

Michael Matthews has an amazing physique and he’s here to show you how to get the very same! If you’re willing to break a sweat and follow some simple rules, you’ll find that this book gives you the secrets of fitness success.

Get Fit with the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises

Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises coverWomen’s Health is a fitness magazine with a great reputation. Since the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises comes from the folks at Women’s Health, it offers the most sensible exercise advice to women all over the world. When you choose this fitness book, which is available in e-book and print formats, you’ll access the most detailed grouping of exercises ever and you’ll be able to reshape your body, no matter what your current fitness level is.

Packed with four hundred and eighty pages of tips, this exceptional book will give you the power to tone and hone every single part of your body, from your abs to your arms and beyond. The exercises in this book come from some of the globe’s most beloved and respected personal trainers and fitness gurus. So, you’ll be access safe and impressive exercises which are proven winners. All in all, the book comes with 619 moves, some of which may even help you to enjoy a perkier breast look! Since this book is just for the ladies, it’s a fun read for females, as well as a true fitness “Bible” for women…

In addition to hundreds of amazing exercises, this book comes with a full month of diet and exercise plans. When you follow these plans, you’ll be able to drop about ten pounds every month!

Whether you want to look great in a bikini or have more modest fitness ambitions, you’ll find that this caring and factual fitness book empowers you. In fact, when you buy it, you’ll find that you don’t need any other fitness resources in order to get stellar results. Since it’s created by total experts who really know their stuff, it’s the perfect guidebook for a better body.

You may find this book at .

No Gym? No Problem!: The DIY Fitness Bible

No Gym? No Problem: The DIY Fitness Bible book coverHow many times have you wanted to exercise but have not been able to make it to the gym? Yes, you COULD go for a walk or a run but what if you need more from your workout?

For many people, going to the gym is a time-consuming, expensive inconvenience. We all KNOW we should exercise more but when something is hard to fit in to an already packed lifestyle, it’s easy to relegate exercise to the back burner.

With all this in mind, author Patrick Dale created a book designed especially for people who want to get fit but don’t want to or can’t get to the gym. Titled “No Gym? No Problem: The DIY Fitness Bible”, available on, this comprehensive book provides low-tech but high effect exercise solutions for all levels of fitness.

Dale is no stranger to gymless training and as well as being a personal trainer, fitness lecturer and renowned author, spent five years in the elite British Royal Marines where fitness could literally be a matter of life and death. In the Marines, he learnt how to stay in shape without the luxury of a well-equipped gym and often just using whatever was on hand.

In this book, you’ll discover how to make simple but effective exercise equipment using common household objects and also how to plan your own personalised workout plan. There are also lots and lots of gymless workouts to follow.

The author also dedicates space to the important subjects of warming up, cooling down, nutrition, motivation, willpower and mindset. It’s very comprehensive!

If you want to exercise but can’t or don’t want to go to the gym, No Gym? No Problem: The DIY Fitness Bible will help you reach your fitness potential in the comfort of your own home.

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