A Healthy Way to Lose Weight

There are lots of ways to lose weight, but the best ways are the ones that are the simplest and easiest. They need to be healthy too! Many diets are so complicated and involving that they are hard to stick to. For example, any diet that involves cooking elaborate meals when you have no time for kitchen duties is impractical, and you are not likely to stick to it for long.

Simplicity and ease are two of the reasons I love meal replacement shakes. You simply swap an easy to make shake for a high-calorie meal to lower your calorie intake without having to weigh or measure your food or cook a time-consuming meal. Simple! You can read more about meal replacement shakes for weight loss in my article here.

However, as good as meal replacement shakes are for weight loss, I know that some readers of Days to Fitness prefer to eat solid food. There is something very pleasant about sitting down to a homecooked meal at the end of the day with your family or friends that is hard to beat.

But, what if you want to eat well AND lose weight? Impossible you say?! I have the perfect solution for you – slow cooking.

Slow cooking is not just very simple, it’s also healthy, and if you chose the right ingredients, your meals could help you lose weight too.

A slow-cooked meal can be made with little more than some lean meat, a few vegetables, herbs and spices, and some stock. You don’t need to add fat or oil which helps keep the calorie count low. You then leave your meal cooking for several hours – you don’t need to do any more than this – and then just relax and eat your creation.

With a selection of different meats, a few different vegetables, and a handful of various herbs and spices, you can create an almost unlimited variety of delicious and healthy, diet-friendly meals. If you feel need a bit more substance and sustenance in your meals, but still want to keep them healthy, you can add quinoa, rice, or diced potatoes. It really is that simple.

Another useful feature of slow cooking is that you can make large batches of healthy meals, so you always have good food available to eat and will be much less tempted to order takeout or buy pre-made processed meals.

For example, if you have a four or six-quart slow cooker, just add a few more ingredients, cook as normal, and then save your leftovers for the next day – two (or more) meals for the price of one! Prepare your first slow cooking meal, follow my quick start for slow cooking guide here. If don’t need a slow cooker to start.

You could even parcel up and freeze your leftovers – something I often do. Then, as I leave home and head to work in the morning, I grab a frozen meal and take it to work with me. By lunchtime, it’s defrosted and ready to heat in the microwave. I never need to worry about finding a healthy lunch again!

Armed with this knowledge, and a slow cooker, of course, you should be able to create your own healthy, weight loss meals. But, to help you expand your menu even more, I’ve created lots of different recipes, specially weight loss recipes here for you to try. Check out the slow cooker recipe page for more details.


Slow cooking could be the perfect solution for making healthy, weight loss-friendly meals. I still love weight loss smoothies, but you cannot live on smoothies alone! Try slow cooking for yourself; I know you’ll love it!

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