Slow Cooking Weight Loss Recipes

When I first got into slow cooking, I did it because I wanted healthy, easy meals to eat that required very little preparation. If I’m honest, I was after a way to make cooking as simple as possible because I often found myself too busy to find the time to make a healthy dinner. Some nights, after a busy day at work, I ended up grabbing takeouts for dinner.

At first, this was only an occasional occurrence, but then I realized it was happening two or three times a week. Needless to say, this was not good for my bank account or my wallet!

I decided that enough was enough and committed to using my slow cooker more to make healthy, nutritious meals to eat for dinner.

Because I was eating fewer takeouts, I soon noticed I was losing weight and that gave me the idea to search for weight loss slow cooker recipes.

Cooking for weight loss in a slow cooker is easy – just choose lean meats, don’t add very much fat, and pile in the veggies. But, to save you a whole lot of experimentation, here are three of my favorite slow cooker recipes that have helped me lose weight.


Chicken Slow Cooked Chicken and Rice

Slow Cooked Chicken and Rice

This gluten-free, high protein and easy to digest is also so easy to prepare. Healthy meals don’t have to be boring or hard to prepare, can be easy and delicious