21 Day Fix Motivation Tips for your eating plan

The 21 day fix has created an approach to dieting, that simplifies the process, but also lets you enjoy what you are eating. However, it’s hard not to be tempted into breaking your diet, so here are some ideas to help you stay the course.

Remember your goals

One of the best ways to keep you motivated to stick to a healthy diet is remembering your goal. Always be mindful of your goal, know what it means to you, to your family and your friends. Your whole existence has a ripple effect, the better you feel, the better you can make those around you feel.

Don’t cheat

There’s no such thing as a cheat day. You pay for it, when you break your diet. Remove the idea that you can break your diet and balance it later with a longer workout. It’s not that you can’t work it off, it’s that you’re setting a precedent.

Every time you cheat your diet, you’re subconsciously planting doubt and a bad habit. Once you break it the first time, it becomes that much easier to break it a second time and then a third.

When the idea of having a cheat day pops into your head, you need to talk yourself down from the ledge. In moments of weakness, remember you have a support system to fall back on. Call a friend or vent online and receive validation for not breaking your diet.

For some people deprivation or quitting cold turkey, only builds up to a massive binge day. It really depends on your personality, but if you really must cheat, only have a bite, if it will save your from binge eating down the road.


The online community is one of the best places not only for validation but also inspiration. If you’re feeling a little down about your diet, looking for a new recipe or want to share your own culinary masterpiece, the online community is only a few clicks away. Many places and online communities also have weekly or monthly meetings. Surrounding yourself with like minded individuals will boost your confidence and keep you motivated to stick with your diet.


One of the easiest ways to break a diet is to just feel sick about it. Everyone has a limit on how many days they can eat the same thing over and over. Don’t think about your diet as just a way to lose weight, think of it as another opportunity.

There’s an endless amount of recipes out there and you can improve your cooking expertise by preparing your foods in new ways.


Spicy Moroccan chicken skewers

Spicy Moroccan chicken skewers

We live lives that sometimes can get messy and insanely busy. When that happens, it’s easy to ditch the diet and even the exercise. The best course of action is look at what’s coming each and every week and plan accordingly. Get excited about what you have coming and mix it up.

For example, Wednesday is often a hump for many people in the week or maybe Thursday is a particularly busy day, so why not plan to have your favorite dish that night as a reward.

If you know you might be out for a while, or you know you’ll be working late, bring an extra container of vegetables. Not only is it hard to overeat vegetables, but it will save you from the evils of vending machines. If you know yourself to have a bit of a sweet tooth, then bring some fruits instead.

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  1. Yes ,hi Autumn sorry if I misspelled your name.i am trying to get started on the 21 fix nutrition with the colored code cups. I thought I ordered the meal guide. Only the cups arrived no plan. I was very depressed but I just tried to get some help through my I- Pad. Needlessly I am be tween a rock and a hard place,if you know what I mean. I have your 21- fix dvd’s and they are awesome! But as I have heard you say via dvd’s that that if you don’t follow the meal plan, and to the exercises you defeat your purpose. I l have always loved to exercise ,and have fun with them. I had a stroke @43 yrs .i was determined to get my self back to my self again. I did with a lot of work !!i have to modify with my walker but I am not a quitter. I would pay for a meal plan help so I can get started on the right track. Thank you in advance.

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