21 Day Fix Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last few months, I’ve received a lot of questions by email about the 21 Day Fix program. Here I’ll share those questions.

Hopefully these answers will clear any doubts you might have and get you motivated to start your own 21 Day Fix journey, marking the start of a new, healthier, and better life !

Remember, obstacles will arise and frustration may grow but you’re capable of amazing things; motivation is all you need to achieve what you looking for. Don’t give up, fight for it!

Where can I get the 21 Day Fix Containers ?

where can I get the 21 day fix containers21 Day Fix Containers can be bought separately, and yes, there are several options available but I recommend the official two different sets of containers because they have the exact measurements as defined on 21 Day Fix eating plan. Find which one option better suits your needs and where you can buy them. Read more here.

What to do after finishing 21 Day Fix ?

what to do after 21 day FixCompleting the 21 Day Fix plan was a huge milestone in my life and I wanted to continue the journey as wanted to continue leading a healthier and better life.

In this article I’ll show you what you can do and how to continue your fitness journey without gaining the weight back you lost. Read my article here.

What do I need before starting 21 Day Fix ?

how to get ready for 21 day fix by days to fitnessYour 21 Day Fix starter kit has arrived but now you don’t know where to start? In this post I’ve put information together about the nutrition plan, tasty recipes, what you need for the workouts, and Shakeology alternatives. Get ready for 21 Day Fix here.

How to Plan Your 21 Day Fix Approved Meals ?

plan your 21 day fix approved mealsI’ve shared several different 21 Day Fix-approved meals but we all have a busy weekly schedule which can make finding time for cooking very tricky. That’s why I suggest that you prepare your meals at the weekend so you can have them ready to grab and go in the morning before leaving home. In this article, I’ve shared what I think is the best way to do this. Read more.

How does the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan Works? 

21-day-fix-color-coded-containers-types-of-foodsThis is my most read, most shared, and most commented on article “21 Day Fix Eating Plan”. You can find out how to calculate your target calorie, create your calendar meals plan, approved recipes, Shakeology alternatives and more. It’s my complete guide to the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan.

More about 21 Day Fix

our complete guide about this popular home workout programI’ve been publishing approved recipes, motivation tips, ideas and more on my site. Now you can find all this great information in one place, on the page 21 Day Fix Guide, where I’ve listed all the 21 Day Fix articles.

If you’ve still got any doubts, questions, or suggestions, please contact me using the contact page.

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  1. If you do alternative exercise, such as running or high intensity workouts for an hour, should you adjust your containers those days?

    • Hi Katie,

      Thanks for your comment. It’s hard to answer that question, but, do you feel like you need to have more food ? If yes, add more protein to your diet. Protein will help your muscles to grow and make you feel full for a longer period. Hope I’ve helped. Have a nice day.

  2. I have the app and the portion control containers, but am confused about how to track some hybrid foods, like where do I put hummus? How about a recipe or packaged food? Does one carb translate to the same as the back of a food package?

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