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A regular Yoga practice is highly beneficial and can lead you to a healthier lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you can’t make it to a class in a studio as there are so many other ways you can set up a proper practice at home. Practicing at home means you can  adjust your practice to your individual needs, and you can practice at any time you want – right in the comfort of your home.

As a Yoga teacher, one of my duties is creating a space where my students feel comfortable, where they can relax and find stillness, and enjoy the best atmosphere to practice, concentrate, and be as free as possible from any disturbances. And you should do this within your home practices too.

Take some time to find the best time and place for your at-home practices so you get the most from all your time on the Yoga mat, my favourites yoga mats and the reasons I recommend them, all explained here.

Choose a suitable time

The traditional time for practicing Yoga is in the morning. It is said that, after sleep, the mind is not yet agitated and therefore is in the best state for learning meditation. Also, the stomach is fully empty. It is also said that a morning practice keeps the energy level high during the whole day – especially when you eat appropriately

Personally, I like to practice in the morning but also recommend that you find the best time that suits you. If you simply don’t like getting up early, and can’t find the energy to practice properly, choose another time that you like more. Maybe you are better in the evening and use Yoga to help you calm down before going to sleep? Or is mid-afternoon better, before the kids come home from school? Find the time that works best for you.

Choose a comfortable place 

Try to find a consistent place in your home so you can always practice Yoga the same way. Your individual Yoga space should be spacious, cozy, quiet, and free of disturbances.

Choose light clothes and make sure your stomach is empty

No matter when and where you practice, you should make sure that your stomach is nearly empty. It is recommended that you do not eat at least two hours before stepping onto the mat. Set up your sessions for a time several hours before and after your big meals of the day.

For comfort and ease of movement, choose light, non-restrictive clothes, removing any heavy jewelry and makeup. The more unadorned you are, the freer and more beautiful you will feel.

Get some help… 

To be honest, for many years, I had serious doubts about online fitness portals of any kind. However, recently, more and more good services have arrived and many of them are very useful for helping us to keep up a healthy lifestyle during what is invariably a hectic daily life.

Soon I’ll share my opinion of an online yoga platform.

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