Why Protein Bars ?

It’s very hard, sometimes impossible, to find healthy snacks at the supermarket. Most snacks are processed food that is high in salt, sugar and fat. You may enjoy the taste but, after a while, you will feel hungry again.

Eating high calorie foods, without any fiber and nutritional value, perpetuate your cravings as you’ll feel hungry again soon after, and you’ll eat more and more and more …

This problem, repeated over and over, is one of the most typical mistakes when on a weight loss diet. More about “constant snacking” here.

How to avoid unhealthy snacks ? Reduce your cravings !

One solution to this problem is to prepare your own snacks and carry them with you to your place of work.

Reality check: Some snacks are hard to carry with you and some days we just don’t have time to cook.

I needed a snack that’s healthy, easy to carry, and easy to prepare. And, if it’s not too much to ask, could help me lose weight too. Am I asking too much? Maybe not…

I’ve searched around and found protein bars. We have all heard about these bars, but are they healthy? Aren’t they only for athletes to build muscle?

Are protein bars healthy ?

For some protein bars, the answer is yes, but others are pure candy. You need to know how to find a winner among the bars available, or how you can prepare your own bars. I’ll help you with both of these options.

Only for athletes ?

Protein bars were originally created for athletes to add more protein, fiber, and carbs to help build muscle. Eaten after exercise, a protein bar provides essential nutrients to speed up recovery. Tasty and convenient, they are an excellent post-exercise snack. However, protein bars aren’t just for athletes…

To Lose Weight: Healthy Protein Bars to Replace Unhealthy Snacks

Eating healthy protein bars can help you lose weight and here’s how!

With the right protein bar, you’ll add protein to your diet, providing your body with nutrients and fiber that will make you feel fuller for longer. This helps prevent cravings between meals.

Eating a healthy protein bar between meals helps to:

  • Avoid high calorie, high sugar and high fat processed food snacks
  • Reduce cravings between meals
  • Makes sticking to your weight loss diet easier

Get the protein bar that better fits your needs

the best healthy protein bars by days to fitnessI’ve done a lot of research and discovered what makes a healthy protein bar perfect for replacing a snack or for after workout. In this article, I share the SEVEN most important features a protein bar must have.

Also, I’ve done even more research to find the best protein bars around today. Here is my personal recommendation for the best protein bars to replace a snack or to have after workout.

Prepare your own protein bars

If you have time, you can easily make your own protein bars too. Make them at the weekend and then take one with you to work the following week.

Pick a recipe you like, make it, and then grab a bar in the morning as you leave for work. Easy!

Homemade Protein Bar Recipes

Orange, cranberry and oat protein bars
healthy german chocolate protein bars
Super-easy no-bake protein bars
Muesli protein bars
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