Why I Bought a Professional Blender

I use my blender a lot. Pretty much every day I make smoothies, soups, sorbets, hummus, or other healthy foods. Of all the gadgets I have in my kitchen, my blender is the one I use the most – even more than my cooker!

I’ve had several blenders over the last couple of years – some of which lasted pretty well and others that died within a few weeks of purchase. Fed up with buying blenders that let me down when I most needed them, I decided go “go pro” and buy a professional-quality blender. I figured that, at the very least, it would last longer and break down less often!

It’s been a nearly a year since I bought my professional blender (a Vitamix 1709, available on Amazon.com, other pro blenders I recommend here) so I figured it was time to revisit my decision to buy this product and see if my reasons for spending $484.00 still made sense ! If you can’t afford it, you can see my recommendation for the best blenders for smoothies under $200.

Power – compared to cheaper blenders I have owned in the past, the power of this blender is AMAZING! From crushing ice to smashing seeds, my professional blender has no problem turning solids into smooth, lump-free liquids.

With smaller, weaker, blenders, I often had to chop up tough ingredients or else put up with very lumpy smoothies but, with my Vitamix 1709, I can produce top quality smoothies and soups no problem. This is why places like Starbucks use this type of blender and now I get Starbucks’ quality smoothies right at home.

Speed – with its powerful motor, my professional blender gets the job done super-fast; much faster than any of my old blenders. It doesn’t seem to make any difference whether I’m making smoothies (my smoothie recipes) or tahini (my favorite blender recipes), the Vitamix 1709 gets the job done in no time flat!

Stability – with some of my previous blenders, I always used to worry that they’d tip over when I was using them. One blender, I remember, used to shake so much I always had to put my hand on top to stop it from falling over. Can you imagine the mess it would have made if that happened?!

My Vitamix 1709, my review here, is rock-solid no matter what job it’s doing. It doesn’t wobble or shake and I’m never worried about leaving it unattended for a moment while I do other jobs in my kitchen. It is totally rock-solid!

Pitcher size – my Vitamix 1709 has a huge 64-ounce pitcher which is big enough for almost any blending job I can imagine. Smaller, cheaper blenders might mean you have to blend things like soup in batches which makes the whole process slower and messier. I love the big pitcher so I can blend in bulk and save time.

Cleaning – some of the cheaper blenders I’ve owned have been a real pain in the butt to clean. You had to take them apart to clean the blades and they were always getting gummed up with goo at the bottom of the jug. It was enough to put me off using the darn things sometimes!

My professional blender is a cinch to keep clean – just partially fill with warm water and a drop or two of dishwasher cleanser and then run on high for a few seconds. Pour the water down the drain and the blender is clean – no dismantling required. I think this is one of the reasons I use my professional blender so often – cleaning it is no longer a chore I dread.

Versatility – in the past, I’ve used food processor, stick blenders and regular blenders to get my food prep done. Now, although I still have those things, I tend to use my Vitamix 1709 for almost all blending jobs because it’s faster and easier. Sorbets, margaritas, nut butters – I make them all in my professional blender. Find my favorite blender recipes here. It is so much more versatile than some of the cheaper blenders I’ve owned and that’s down to the big motor, high speed and large-capacity jug as well as the fact it’s really easy to clean.

Guarantee – my Vitamix 1709 comes with an amazing seven-year warranty which compared to the 12-month warranty my previous blenders had means I have complete peace of mind and feel like my confidence in buying a professional blender is completely founded. I know it cost me $484 and while that is four-times the price of my other blenders, some of them only lasted a few months. This one should last me at least seven years! The initial cost WAS expensive but my professional blender will still be working long after my other blenders ended up in the trash!


If you are a skeptical about buying a professional blender I can tell you – I was too. But now I’ve had my Vitamix 1709 for a while, I realize now how much easier it makes all my blending jobs. It’s an absolute pleasure to use and if you enjoy using something, you’ll use it more often which makes the cost totally worthwhile. Get you Vitamix at Amazon.com. If you can’t afford a professional model I’ve my recommendations for the best mid-range blenders here.

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