What is the 21 Day Fix

The idea of changing is a hard concept to accept. Most of want to make gradual changes, but we want fast results. The 21 Day Fix product will allow you to jump into a different type of fitness, and lose pounds quickly. Taking the guesswork and the “lifestyle” lectures out of the equation allows you tackle a loss of 15 pound in just 21 days. Instead of having to embrace a new “food concept” or arduous regime, the 21 Day Fix helps you ramp up your metabolism and burn fat through simple portion control and a 30 minute a day workout.

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A Simple Diet System


Some systems are difficult to figure out, but with this one you will find an easy to follow system with 7 color-coded food containers. Portion control doesn’t simply aim to reduce the amount of calories taken in, but help you select the type of foods that in combination will burn faster to supply the body with energy rather than being stored as fat.

A Familiar Day with a New Idea

The 21 Day Fix comes a very familiar name in the fitness world. Beachbody the makers of several other programs such Insanity, P9OX and several others is behind this unique fitness DVD series. What’s different about this series for any other Beachbody workout program is that this one is accompanied by a weight loss plan as well. While other companies have released counting programs the 21 Day Fix doesn’t requiring counting calories, or feeling that you have to spend the day doing more math than someone working in accounting just to enjoy a snack at the end of the day. It doesn’t require that you abstain from any particular type of food either. Those who have tried this diet are surprised that without these two common diet props they still lose up to 15 pounds in just 21 days.

Created by Autumn Calabrese

Autumn Calabrese is the newest fitness competitor and certified personal trainer to begin a series for BeachBody, continue to read about her. Her plan brings a fresh and easy to follow approach to age-old problem of taking off pounds quickly. Calabrese has helped celebrities such as Rachel Zoe take off pounds, and with the 21 Day Fix series she brings this new idea of fast weight loss to the Beachbody line of DVDs. While you will learn some new life long habits through using this series, it comes with the reward of fast weight loss in just a few weeks.

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