21 day Fix 7 Piece Containers Kit

Far and away the most simple and straightforward way for everyone to take control of their portions when eating a healthier diet, this amazing kit of durable and reliable portion control containers is going to give you absolutely everything you need to take all of the guesswork out of your new diet.

Rather than having to worry about all of the little details involved in getting exactly the right amount of calories each and every day for each and every meal, these seven containers are color-coded and appropriately sized so that you will be able to know EXACTLY how much you are eating any one particular point in time – never worrying about a food scale or unnecessary and micromanagement calorie counting along the way.

The 21 Day Fix Containers are available at Amazon.com, you can visit amazon.com here.

Never feel like you are running off the rails again!

Even better than that though is the fact that you are going to be able to take complete ownership of your new diet and healthy eating lifestyle thanks to the organization that the Beachbody portion control seven piece container kit brings to the table, specially designed for 21 day fix and 21 day fix extreme.

By using these containers, you’ll know exactly what you need to eat, when you need to eat it, and how much you should be eating to stay on track. Never again are you going to feel like you are running off the rails when it comes time to take control of your diet.

Instead you’ll be in complete control every single step of the way!

Give yourself the chance to “grab and go” and prepare your meals days in advance

Eating healthier is always going to involve cooking and preparing your meals, 21 day fix approved recipes here, rather than going out to your favorite restaurants (or even worse, grabbing a quick bite at a fast food drive-through), which can be a bit of a headache and hassle for a lot of people that really aren’t used to cooking quite as much.

But this Beachbody seven piece portion control container kit is going to give you the opportunity to prepare most of your meals in advance – eating up a bit of time one day or maybe two days throughout the week, while freeing you from having to slave over a stove for hours and hours each day.

It really doesn’t get much better than this!

All things considered, you are going to have a very, very difficult time finding anything better on the market today when it comes to helping you control your healthy diet and eating habits. Beachbody absolutely knocked it out of the park with this portion control seven piece container kit!

Where can I buy 21 Day Fix Containers only ?

#1 Best Seller Product with more than 282 customer reviews, the 21 day fix containers are available at Amazon.com.

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  1. hi Sarah, thank you for your website, its most informative.

    Do you hold exercises classes? if you do, id like to attend.

  2. I don’t cook or have time to prepare meals, so I get my food out at salad bars, markets, and restaurants. Can your plan only be done by preparing food at home? Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi Annie,

      If you don’t have the time to cook your own meals, I would recommend you to find healthy meals on restaurants. Avoid process/fast food, give it a try to soup, salads and grilled food.

    • Hi Christal,
      You should also use containers for snacks, to help you keep track of your calorie intake for the day. Snacks play a very important role on the day, so continue with your snacks and measure it with the containers. Hope I have answered your question. Thanks

  3. Am interested in the 21 day fix but 1st can you clarify for me the containers. I am out the house by 7am and I don’t get home till 11pm Monday through Friday. With being said only have 7 containers on a 1800 calorie is that enough. How does it work do I bring the food with me then to it in the containers? Can you please explain. Thanks in advance

  4. For the 7 piece container kit, do you consume all 7 container throughout the day and nothing else? I’m confused how the containers work. Any feed back would be great. Thanks!

  5. Hi Sarah, you would make a great Beachbody coach! Have you ever thought about doing this? Your passion for health and fitness is inspiring ?

    • Hi Caitlin,

      Thanks for your kind words. Beachbody coach is a pyramid scheme, where you’ve to pay in order to promote their products.
      Basically, you’ve to pay a monthly fee to be a coach and then you are able to promote their products. For a lot of people that’s ok, but that doesn’t make sense for me. If you are a beachbody coach Caitlin, I wish you all the luck, but allow me to say, that are free ways to promote health and fitness 🙂

  6. I already have the 21 day fix containers but my book was in my purse and an entire drink spilled in my purse and ruined my book. Is it possible to purchase another book?

  7. Do they come together the containers & the shake drink cup?
    Or seperate ?!
    Would like to buy the containers & drink cup

    • Hi Lynn. This 7 piece containers kit does not include the shaker cup. You have a different set which includes all the colored containers, plus the portion fix eating guide and the shaker cup, from beachbody and it’s available here on amazon.com.

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