Sugar Free Lunch Recipes

Mighty mozzarella and tomato salad

Mighty mozzarella and tomato saladI love mozzarella, high on protein low on fat. You can do this recipe at nigh, and take it for work next day. Remember to only add olive oil and the balsamic vinegar when you’re about to eat it. Very low on sugar, this is a perfect meal for your no sugar diet. Complete recipe here.


20 No-Sugar Days Challenge

20 no sugar days challenge by days to fitnessNote: We live in a global high sugar diet. That’s why we get so much weight, feel so tired and constant headaches. I invite you to ditch sugar for some days and experience a much better life without sugar. I also invite you to don’t trust my words but to trust the benefits you will experience. Join my 100% Free 20 No-Sugar Days Challenge here.

Pan-seared salmon with asparagus, arugula, zucchini and quinoa

Pan-seared salmon with asparagus, arugula, zucchini and quinoaA salmon dish , gluten free and, of course, low on sugar. Quick and easy recipe to add vegetables and Omega 3 to your sugar-free diet. Follow the recipe here.



Oven-baked frittata

Oven-baked frittataHigh on protein lunch with virtually no sugar. This recipe is perfect for eat and store the rest for next day. Sometimes I even do 4 servings, eat 1 and keep the other 3 servings on the freezer. Give it a try, you’ll love it. Complete recipe here.


Champion chicken panini

Champion chicken paniniThis panini recipe is a healthy, sugar-free, alternative to any deli or supermarket sandwich. Do it, wrap it and take it with you. Champion panini recipe here.




No bread beef and horseradish wrap

No bread beef and horseradish wrapRoast beef and yogurt together on a sugar-free wrap recipe. Add some raspberries and have this exotic wrap for lunch. Complete recipe here.

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    • Hi Briana. Thanks for your comment. Yes, but in this recipe I’ve used a whole wheat panini. Whole wheat bread is much higher in fiber and healthier than white bread for example. Hope I’ve helped.

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