Protein Bars Vs Meal Replacement Shakes

Protein bars are useful for:

  • Losing weight by replacing unhealthy snacks: Providing carbs healthy fats and protein, these bars are a healthy snack to have between meals and reduce cravings and remove the need for constant snacking.
  • After workout: Providing extra carbs and protein, these bars help you to build muscle and improve workout results by speeding up recovery from exercise.

While meal replacement shakes are used for:

  • Replacing a meal to lose weight: By reducing your calorie intake while providing what your body needs in a main meal, these shakes are an effective way to weight loss.

Both can be used for weight loss purposes; while protein bars are used between meals, meal replacement shakes replace a whole meal.

Although different they can be used together on your meal replacement shakes plan.

How meal shakes and protein bars can work together ?

Have a shake to replace your meal, and a protein bar as your mid-morning or mid afternoon snack.

Protein bars are an effective way to reduce cravings and prevent constant snacking, while shakes reduce the calorie content of your main meals.

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