Paleo Snack Recipes

If you’re following the Paleo diet (or you’re interested in trying it out in the future), you’ll need healthy recipes which are easy to prepare.

paleo granola barsSnack Paleo Granola Bars recipe

Granola bars are nutritive, full of energy and protein, are perfect for your mid-morning snack. Learn how to prepare this tasty and easy paleo bars. Full recipe here.


Popcorn from CauliflowerPaleo Diet-friendly Popcorn from Cauliflower

Everybody have tried popcorns, but what about healthy Cauliflower Popcorns ? Try these paleo snack recipe and you’ll be surprised. Complete recipe here…


Paleo Kale ChipsQuick and Easy Kale Chips

Get inspired, change your old habits for healthier moments. Change traditional chips for Paleo Kale Chips. Never heard about it ? Time to give it a try. 100% Snack paleo recipe here.


Paleo snack Zucchini ChipsPaleo Zucchini Chips

Add veggies to your snacks in a  creative way with Zucchini chips. Motivation and inspiration for new recipes that’ll make your snacks more tasty and healthier. Follow the recipe here.

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