Motivation for your 21 Day Fx Workout

The true flaw of every workout plan is keeping you motivated. If you can’t stick with the program, it doesn’t matter how good it is. With that in mind, here are some ideas to keep you motivated.

Realistic goals

motivational tipsYou need to have a goal, that’s actually possible to reach. One of the biggest killers of motivation, is not seeing results fast enough or within a set amount of time. The 21 day fix advertises losing up to 15 pounds in 21 days, but you may only lose 5 and that’s not nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone has different body types and unfair as it may seem, some people need to work harder than others.

Set a goal for yourself, that’s not out of reach. Setting smaller goals and incrementally working up, can feel much more satisfying. This will keep you motivated throughout the entire process, rather than putting all your expectations on a singular final goal.


You need to stay on task every single day to make your goal. You can’t rely on yourself, simply because, we as humans are fickle. We’re constantly changing our minds and making excuses for ourselves.

You need to be accountable to someone else. Let it be known to a trusted friend, that this is what you’re doing and this is your goal. Tell them to occasionally remind you or ask you about your goals, make sure they are keeping you honest. Better yet, have them workout with you and keep each other, honest. It’s easy to lie to yourself, but it’s harder to lie to someone else.


Not only should that friend, hold you to your goals, but they should be your support system. Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. If you’re not feeling up to working out, call your friend, have them encourage and motivate you.

Don’t just stop at your friends, look into online communities and social media. There are a million people out there trying to do the same thing, hearing and sharing stories, will only strengthen your resolve.

Think of your accountability and support system as your own personal trainers.


Music has been scientifically proven, to do wonders in the brain and for working out. Make a high energy playlist for your work out, let it help you get into the zone.

There are six criteria to be follow when picking out songs for a good mix, strong rhythm, positive lyrics, uplifting melody, association with sports or positivity (like the Rocky theme song), movement patterns and your musical taste in general.


phone alarm clock for 21 day fix

Plan It and Do it

The 21 day fix is roughly 30 minutes. That’s not a lot of time, which means it should be manageable to fit into 24 hours. You need to have a regularly scheduled time to work out, no matter what. Don’t just think, “8:30 every night”, make it official, write it in your calendar, set multiple reminder alarms, or have your friend call you to make sure you’re on schedule.

Don’t just have a schedule either, keep a detailed log. This is another tool that can keep your accountable and on track to reaching your goal. Don’t be afraid to share your log with others either. You might not know it, but you could be inspiring someone else.

Try using some of these tips to keep you on pace to reach your goals. Most of all, try to have a little fun with it and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself on occasion.


21 day fix workout motivation

21 day fix motivation ideas

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