Meal Replacement Shake for Breakfast – Why?

Whoever said “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” was one smart person! A good breakfast can really set you up for a great day ahead. After a night of restful sleep, you wake up with an empty stomach and low blood sugar – you need food! Essentially, you have been fasting for as many as 10-12 hours and it’s time to break that fast which is where we get the term breakfast from.

The trouble is, many traditional breakfasts just aren’t very good for you. Sugary cereals and pastries really aren’t what your body needs. That’s why my breakfast of choice is a meal replacement shake. Let me tell you why…

Quick and easy

I don’t know about you but by the time I’ve woken up, had a shower, got dressed and packed my bag for the day, time is getting short. I don’t have a lot of time left over to spend on cooking a healthy breakfast too.

However, I can make a meal replacement shake in just a few minutes – just toss the ingredients in my blender, blitz it for 30-seconds and I’m all done!

Many people tell me they don’t have time for breakfast and I have to agree with them – that’s why I LOVE having a meal replacement shake first thing in the morning.

Nutritious and delicious

Meal replacement shakes aren’t only quick and easy, they taste great and are good for you too. Loaded with all the vitamins, minerals, and fiber a body needs plus plenty of protein and healthy fats, low carb meal replacement shakes are super-healthy and make sure you start each and every day in the healthiest way possible.

Meal replacement shakes are filling 

If you skip breakfast, I can all-but guarantee that by mid-morning you’ll be hungry and craving a snack – probably an unhealthy one! That’s why non-breakfast eaters often cave in and eat junk food to hold them over to lunch.

The high protein, high fiber content of meal replacement shakes keeps you feeling fuller for longer and also helps to keep your blood sugar levels nice and stable. “Why I Have a High Protein Breakfast?” . The result? No mid-morning hunger and no need to grab a candy bar to get you through to lunch. But in case you need a healthy snack, I’ld recommend you to try healthy protein bars.

I can drink it on the go

I usually drink my breakfast meal replacement shake at home while watching the morning news but, if I’ve hit the snooze button one too many times, I don’t have time to do that so I take my shake on my shake storage bottle (available on with me and drink it on the way to work. It really doesn’t matter how much of a rush you are in; you should still have time for breakfast if you start your day with a meal replacement shake.

I can jazz up my shake with added ingredients

Meal replacement powders are really good; they are nutritionally complete and good for you. However, if you’re like me, you will probably enjoy customizing your meal replacement powder with extra healthy ingredients like fruit, superfoods, healthy fats like coconut oil, and other tasty additions.

If you are a morning coffee drinker (like me!) you’ll also be glad to know you can add your coffee to your meal replacement shake to make sure you get your morning caffeine fix. Coffee added to a chocolate meal replacement is like mocha heaven and one of my favorite ways to start the day!

Check out these awesome recipes to discover just how easy it is to create customized shakes that are delicious and super-nutritious.

breakfast replacement shakes recipes for weight loss by days to fitness
Coffee Shake as breakfast replacement shake
Banana and Pineapple breakfast shake
Ginger Fighter breakfast replacement shake for weight loss

Faster weight loss 

Starting your day with a meal replacement shake can help you lose weight in several different ways…

1) They are filling and will stop you from overeating before lunchtime

2) They taste sweet and can help fight any sugar cravings you might have

3) Protein has a metabolism-boosting effect so you burn more calories throughout your day

4) They are lower in calories than most traditional breakfasts so you’ll cut calories and lose weight faster without having to resort to counting calories or trying to make a low-calorie breakfast

Bottom line: if you want to lose weight fast, swap your regular breakfast for a meal replacement shake. In fact, when it comes to losing weight with shakes, I always recommend that you a have meal replacement shake for breakfast.

Check my meal shakes plan shared on “How to lose weight with Meal replacement Shakes” article.


step by step guide about how to lose weight with meal replacement shakesWhen it comes to breakfast convenience, meal replacement shakes are impossible to beat. They taste good, are supremely healthy, take no more than a minute or two to prepare, and can help you lose weight. They are the perfect start to the day!

Next time you are tempted to skip breakfast – stop for a moment and whip up a meal replacement shake. I know you’ll not only love the taste but you’ll love the benefits of this healthy start to the day too.

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