How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

Nobody can resist seconds or thirds of their favorite holiday dishes, even if it isn’t good for them. Thanksgiving for example, is one of the worst holidays for processed foods such as processed gravies and puddings as well as stuffing. However there are a few things you can do to not only introduce your family to healthier foods, but show them how easy it can be to continue healthy habits over the holidays. You could try your hand at making a homemade stuffing for your holiday dinner, or even learning how to make gravy from scratch rather than a flavor pouch or jar. Other wonderful treats can also be made from fresh ingredients and contain less processed foods, such as spinach dips and breads.

Ideas for Summer

Here are a few ideas for summer to help you eat healthy all summer long. Many people eat out more during the summer than any other time of year because of the heat. However you can make quick and fresh meals at home that will require little to no cooking. Salads are an excellent option to beat the summer heat and avoid cooking while saving money. Shred your lettuce, slice some strawberries, add in your cheese and some ham, then toss in shredded carrot and other vegetables, you can then dress it in your favorite dressing and simply enjoy the cool temperature and amazing flavors. You can also make meals in a crockpot or slow cooker to avoid the heat during the summer. This can help you make more complex meals during the day while you are out or at work without having to hover over the stove when you get home.

Healthy Eating Tips for Summer and the Holidays

Continuing to eat healthy during the holidays and throughout the summer can be hard with all the fun and activities going on. It may seem easier to stop at a fast food restaurant or grab quick processed foods, however this is the best time of year to get fresh produce. Why not think of the endless health and flavor benefits that you will enjoy by continuing to eat healthy throughout the summer. One easy way to stay on track is to ask your friends and family to join you at home while you make a salad or some sandwiches rather than rushing to the nearest burger joint. Or bring food that you made at home in a cooler or lunchbox to continue your healthy eating habits while on the go. Fresh fruit make excellent snacks and can be enjoyed on the go just as easily as fries. Keeping bottled water or juice handy when on the go can also help you stay on track. Vegetables like celery and carrots can also be easy on the go foods that you can slice into sticks and put in a Solo cup to snack while driving. Eating healthy can be just as easy as fast food but better tasting.

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