How To Design An Effective Home Workout Routine

It’s worth saying again that beginning a habit, particularly exercise isn’t easy. It is, however completely possible if you design your home workout routine to be effective. In order to be successful, you have to give yourself the tools in order to do so. The key to doing this is to plan your exercise approach in the most detailed way that you can.

Before you begin your exercise routing and determining what it’ll be, you have to schedule it in. Whatever time you’re dedicating to exercise is going to be taking up a part of your day. Schedule your workout time just like you would schedule a doctor’s appointment. Don’t schedule it for a time that you know won’t work for you. If you’re not a morning person, then don’t exercise in the morning. If you know you fall asleep by 9PM on weeknights, then don’t schedule a late night workout. Pencil out the time you are going to use for exercise, and keep the appointment with yourself.

How To Design An Effective Home Workout Routine

Honestly, the first few days of working out are always the easiest. You’re motivated. You’re determined. You’ve got this in the bag. There will come a day, maybe after a week or two that you’ll skip a day. Perhaps you’re sick, or worked long hours, have family responsibilities, your schedule changed…the list goes on and on. Excuses will happen. Anticipate them and know what you’re going to do.

The secret to exercise is easy. It’s simply to start exercising. Unfortunately, it’s also the hardest part. If you do decide to do morning workouts and you wake up one morning and don’t feel like doing it, then what will you do? Go back to sleep? The Instead, tell yourself that when you don’t want to exercise, you’ll at least get out of bed.  Doing one physical activity, no matter how small the task, will make you want to do even more. Sometimes, you just have to push that barrier that is standing in the way between you and what you know you have to do.

There is going to be a day when you can’t exercise or when getting out of bed did not inspire you to get moving. You’ll miss a day. Most people see this as a sign that they failed and then stop their exercise routine all together. Missing a day, missing a week, is not a sign of failure. A sign of failure is never exercising again. It doesn’t matter how long you go before starting your habit again, but you have to keep trying.

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Set your goals to be small. Instead of making a lofty “exercise every day of the year” goal, make it “do physical activity every day for a week”. This is more attainable. If you fall off the “All year exercise” plan, then your brain will automatically reset back to zero, and it seems so hard to get back on the habit. Instead, make your goals small, yet challenging and attainable.

Above all else, remain motivated and determined to squash your goal and to create healthier habits by just remembering what you want to accomplish and why. And remember: The hardest part is to start, once you do, it gets easier.

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