The Best Exercise Success Tip: Define Your Goals

We’ve all been there. We set a target to get more exercise in order to better our health. We work hard at it for the first few days and then something happens. We either miss a day and decide that it means we failed, or we don’t see the results that we want to see and we opt to stop moving forward. If you want to be successful with your exercise routine, it’s important that you begin the process knowing what you’re aiming for. Before you do your first crunch, lunge, squat, or run, you have to clearly define your goals.

Defining your goals enables you to get crystal clear on what you want to get out of exercising. If you think about it, if you don’t know what your goal is, then what do you have to aim for? Having an end goal is key for the “keeping your eye on the prize” mentality that’s required to get you through some of the tough days.

There will be times when you don’t want to exercise. There will be times when it’s much easier to stay in bed, go out to dinner, binge watch your favorite show on Netflix. You will find excuses. They’re everywhere. It’s in these moments of natural weakness that you have to remember why you’re exercising in the first place. Do you want a flatter stomach? Do you want to lose a few extra pounds? Do you want to take a natural approach to fighting anxiety and depression? Do you want more defined abs? Whatever the reason is, define it, and know what it is. If someone were to ask you “Why do you work out?” the answer should come easily.

Not only will defining your goals keep you focused, but it’s also essential for determining what your workout routine should be. The exercises that you should do in order to flatten your stomach are different than the ones you would do for weight loss or arm muscle toning. Many people think that doing 500 crunches every night is going to be the key to weight loss, and then they are confused as to why they aren’t seeing any results. If your goal for exercising is to lose weight, you have to incorporate cardio exercise along with strength training. Doing one or the other is not enough. It’s crucial to know what steps you need to take in order to get to your goal.

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Along with knowing the steps you’re going to take, you need to have a detailed plan on how you’re going to get to your goals. If you’re going to work out 3 times a week, then do it. If you want to get 10,000 steps in per day, do that. Again, there are going to be times when you don’t want to do it. Those are the moments when you need to overcome that “don’t want to” mind set and do it. However, if you have a day when you just can’t do it, then do it the next day. Falling off the exercise wagon doesn’t mean that you can’t get back on.

In order to succeed, you have to set yourself up for success. If you go out of the gate with the wrong tools and the wrong mindset, then your chances for failure skyrocket and the chances of success plummet. Instead of going into your exercise routine blindly, set a clear, attainable goal, and begin working towards it. Additionally, know what steps you need to take to get there. If you fall off the path one day, get back on the next. It won’t be easy, but it’ll no doubt be worth it.

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